2000 Tenute Loacker – Kastlet – Alto Adige DOC

Today I went down in the wine cellar and looked through some of the treasuries down there. When I looked at the magnum bottles (1.5 liters) I couldn’t decide which one to take but then settled for the Tenute Loacker Kastlet from the 2000 vintage. A very old wine. In my cellar I also have a 2001 vintage of the Kastlet but that will be saved for another day.

I was a bit worried if the wine would still be good after almost 13 years. I’m glad it was. Prior to tasting the wine was decanted for about 2-3 hours. Kastlet has a cuvée of Cabernet Sauvignon and Lagrein grapes which are all from organic agriculture.

The Kastlet is produced in South Tyrol (northern Italy) on Loacker’s Schwarhof estate. On the Schwarhof they produce only a handful of wines but Loacker has also two estates in Tuscany.

The wine oxidated a little bit (which didn’t do the wine any harm and is very common for such old wines) which gave it a garnet red color. Usually the Kastlet has a ruby red color.

On the nose I had aromas of raspberry, blackberry, black currant, cherry, vanilla & cinnamon. A rather complex but interesting bouquet.

After taking the first zip I was amazed by the softness of the tannins. I expected them to be much stronger but I’m glad they weren’t. The wine was so soft – unbelievable. Loacker’s Kastlet has a complex body with a medium finish. I tasted a bit of red berries, too but not as many as I had on the nose. On the palate I had absolutely no alcohol notes. Alcohol by volume is listed at 13%.

Loacker’s Kastlet has the Italian DOC wine quality assurance. Several vintages of the Kastlet won awards including the very reputable Gambero Rosso.

Together with this fantastic wine I served a barbecue with entrecote, salsiccia (Italian sausage), pork chops, turkey. Sweet potatoes and a light salad rounded the dinner up.

The current vintage of a regular bottle of Tenute Loacker’s Kastlet retails for around 20€. I saw magnum bottles retailing for 37€ at certain placed. It’s hard to find old vintages these days though but some Enotecas might still have a bottle or two left somewhere. I can recommend to store the Kastlet for a long time. It turns out great! The wine overwhelmed me and I hope you get a chance to try it some day. Note that the bottle image has changed over the years so it might look different than mine.

Want to read more about Loacker? Go to their website or read my Tenute Loacker winery review. You could also read about another one of their wines.
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4 comments on “2000 Tenute Loacker – Kastlet – Alto Adige DOC”

  1. the winegetter Reply

    Man, you really like the Loacker wines. I definitely have to look into them! Sounds like a great experience that 2000. I love how older reds have those malleable, pleasing tannins that do not burn your tongue. I envy your cellar! 🙂

    • delpiero1234 Reply

      Loacker is among my favorite wineries. I enjoy most of their wines. A few years ago I’ve visited their South Tyrollean Estate.
      I love these pleasing tannins as well 🙂
      If you get a chance to find a Valdifalco Riserva from Locker then I can recommend you that, too

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