2003 Winzerhof Allacher Blaufränkisch

A few months ago I picked up a bottle of Blaufränkisch from the winery Winzerhof Allacher at a huge wine sale. The winery is located in Austria’s Burgenland region. They produce 11 wines which range from eiswein to red wine. Winzerhof Allacher’s 2003 vintage Blaufränkisch is produced with 100% organic Blaufränkisch grapes. The wine ages in small oak barrels for 12 months.

At the wine sale the bottle retailed for 9.90€ compared to its regular price of 15.90€. Right away I can tell you that this wine was a massive disappointment!

We tried the wine before decanting it and it was simply bad. Before you ask: No it didn’t cork. Ok so we decided to decant it for 2.5 hours.

I was very optimistic that the decanting had helped but I was wrong.

The wine has a dark garnet red color. On the nose there was a heavy aroma of alcohol, a but of blackcurrant and a bit of cherry. Alcohol was the dominant aroma though which was quite the disappointment!

On the palate I noticed aggressive tannins first (before decanting it they were even more aggressive). I would describe the wine as extremely acid but I believe that is normal for Austrian wines. The wine was far from being complex. This Blaufränkisch has a very short finish which I disliked. I didn’t even take a picture of this bottle nor do I want to look for a good one. If you want to buy this “fantastic” wine then go to the winery’s website.

All in all Blaufränkisch from Winzerhof Allacher is not recommended. The 9.90€ that I paid for it were too much and I´m more than happy that I didn’t buy it for its regular price. Since nobody of us enjoyed the wine we decided to dump it and to open a different wine – a bottle of Granfalco from Tenute locker (2004 vintage). I can’t recommend any food that suits this Blaufränkisch. After dumping the wine we enjoyed tagliatelle with truffles and parmesan cheese. I’ll blog about the Granfalco in the next days.

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    • vinibuoni Reply

      Thanks for stopping by! I always try to make an honest review. I don’t like praising wines that are in my opinion not good 😀

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