2004 Azienda Agricola Bianchi – Ghemme – Ghemme DOCG

A Nebbiolo from Ghemme

Azienda Agricola Bianchi is a Piedmontese winery located just outside of Novara in the town of Sizzano. To regular readers of Vino in Love Az.Agr. Bianchi is no stranger since I’ve reviewed many of their wines. If you’re interested in the 2005 vintage then you find the tasting notes for it here. This time I uncorked the 2004 vintage.

Italian wine lovers know Ghemme just as much as they know Barolo. Both wines are named after two small towns.. The wine has the DOCG quality assurance. For more on the Italian wine classification system read this guide.

Az.Agr. Bianchi’s Ghemme is produced with 100% organic Nebbiolo grapes. The wine aged 24 months in Slavonian oak.

Ghemme tasting notes

2004 Azienda Agricola Bianchi - Ghemme - Ghemme DOCGPrior to drinking the wine has been decanted for two hours.

The wine has an intense ruby red color in the glass. Ghemme from Az.Agr. Bianchi has a very intense aroma of blackberry on the nose. There was also a little bit of cherry and a strong aroma of viola. The oak notes were not too intense. Out of all oak notes vanilla stood out the most.

14% was the label listed alcohol by volume. On the palate the wine was dry. There were many mellow, pleasing tannins. The wine had a bit of acidity, too – typical for Ghemme wines in general. Furthermore the wine wine well-bodied. I tasted dark chocolate and some red fruits on the palate. The finish was persistently long.

Vino in Love’s recommendation

The 2004 vintage of the Ghemme from Azienda Agricola is highly recommended. The wine retails for 20€ I recently tried the 2008 vintage of this wine and younger vintages of the Ghemme are just not that compelete. I had this one stored in my cellar for quite some time now. It’s therefore a good idea to store younger vintages of high quality Ghemme wines in the cellar. Ghemme is one of these wines that develops rapidly with age. It just takes a 30 minute drive from the town of Ghemme to the town of Barolo which makes it clear why these two Nebbiolo-wines are so similar. Since Ghemme is outside of Italy not that well-known the price tag for Ghemme tends to be a little lower than the one of Barolo. If you tried Azienda Agricola Bianchi’s Ghemme or any other Ghemme then share your experience with us!


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