2004 Tenute Loacker – Levante – IGT Toscana

Last night I enjoyed another spectacular wine from Tenute Loacker’s Corte Pavone estate; the same estate where they produces their award winning Brunello di Montalcino. The Corte Pavone estate is in Tuscany. I didn’t have a Brunello though; instead I went with a bottle of the 2004 vintage Levante. Has been a long time since I had one of these. It was a real pleasure. For more information about the winery follow this link.

Levante is a wine blend made off 70% Cabernet-Sauvignon and 30% Merlot. Its color is cherry red. The dominate aroma here was cherry. On the palate the tannins were dominant. I tasted cocoa and (dark) chocolate. The wine is dry and comes with a long finish.

Since I had this one once again late after work with a few colleagues, we didn’t eat much with it. Only a small variety of salumi. Of course it would go well with red meat or pork as well. Even a heavy risotto might fit this wine but I believe it’s not the perfect wine for risotto.

Alcohol by volume is labeled at 14%. The wine costs 35€ at the restaurant but retails for 19.80€. The wine has the IGT quality assurance which is often given to Italian wine blends as they don’t qualifiy for DOC or DOCG quality assurance. The wine is a regular winner of the Gambero Rosso wine award.

Several online retailers sell this wine so if you want to buy it and don’t live in western Europe where Loacker is rather easy to find then I’m sure you can buy it at one of the online shops.

For my personal taste the Cabernet-Sauvingon grape is too dominant which is seen in the high amount of tannins. The price of 20€ is rather high but if you buy a wine from Tenute Loacker you got to pay.. It’s like paying Apple products. They always cost more. At the end of the day I still recommend this eight year old wine. A great bottle; especially if you like the Cabernet-Sauvignon grape. I wished that the Levante had a bit more of Merlot though. If you don’t want to spendt the 30€ or 40€ for a Brunello di Montalcino but still want a wine from the same region then Levante might be it. If you are a regular reader of this blog you probably have noticed that I enjoy many wines (red and white) from Tenute Loacker.

Have you had the Levante before or do you plan to try it? Let me know below in the comment section!

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