2004 Tenute Loacker – Valdifalco Riserva – Morellino di Scansano DOC

Loacker is a pioneer in organic agriculture. They make wine on three estates (one in South Tyrol and two in Tuscany) and their quality products are regular winners in Veronelli & the Gambero Rosso.

The 2004 vintage Valdifalco Riserva is produced in Loacker’s Valdifalco estate in Tuscany. It’s classified as Morellino di Scansano and has the DOC quality assurance. All Morellino di Scansano vintages after 2007 are classified as DOCG giving Tuscany a total of eight DOCG classified wines. It should be noted that the 2004 vintage was one of the best all over Tuscany.

The Valdifalco Riserva is a red wine blend made with three different grapes – Sangiovese, Syrah, & Cabernet-Sauvignon. The 2004 vintage of the regular Valdifalco was that good that Loacker decided to make a Riserva as well. So far it’s been the only vintage where they produced a Valdifalco Riserva.

Prior to drinking the wine was decanted for around 1.5 hour.

The color was an intense dark red. On the nose I had leather, marzipan & dark chocolate and some dark fruits (raspberry, ripe cherry).

In the mouth, Valdifalco Riserva had smooth tannins. The wine was dry and comes with medium finish. Full-bodied and well-balanced. I wish the finish would have been a bit longer. ABV was listed at 14.5%.

I had a venison steak together with fried Tex-Mex beans. Might sound a bit unusual but went together very well!.

I bought a few bottles in a Enoteca here in Munich for (in my opinion) a very cheap price (13.99€). I saw the same Valdifalco Riserva retailing in other Enotecas for over 20-30€ which gives me the feeling that this one Enoteca where I purchased the wine mixed up the Valdifalco Riserva with the regular one (the regular one retails everywhere for 12-14€). I bought a few more wines at that Enoteca since I found all their prices to be very cheap. Looking forward to open them in the near future (one of them was a 2001 Loacker Kastlet Magnum bottle (1.5 liters))

Loacker’s Valdifalco Morellino di Scansano Riserva 2004 is very much recommended. It’s a great buy if you find it for a reasonable price.

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