2004 Lorenzo Accomasso – Vigneto Rocchette – Barolo DOCG and 2008 Terre Da Vino – Barolo – Barolo DOCG

Barolo – “the wine of kings, the king of wines”

Before the mid 19th century Barolo used to be a sweet red wine. That changed around 1850 when the vintners started producing a dry red wine. Starting from the mid 19th century the nobility of Turin (capital city of Piedmont) and the ruling house of Savoy started calling the Barolo “the wine of kings, the king of wines” due to it’s rising popularity. Two centuries later Barolo is still considered one of the great Italian reds.

Today I have two Barolo tasting notes for you. The first one is a 2008 vintage from Terre Da Vino and the second review is for a 2004 vintage from Lorenzo Accomasso. I red a review of the Terre Da Vino on thedrunkencyclist. The wine had an unbeatable price so decided to pick up two bottles of it.

2008 Terre Da Vino – Barolo – Barolo DOCG

Terre Da Vino/ TerreDaVino is one of the largest wineries in all of the Piedmont. They bottle 5.500.000 bottles each year and cultivate 4500 hectares (11120 acres). The winery was founded in 1980 and the idea of the winery was to organize smaller produces in one large cooperative society. Terre Da Vino produces four different Barolo. “Barolo”, “La Mora”, “Essenze” and “Paesi Tuoi”. The one we reviewed as simply called “Barolo”.

2008 Terre Da Vino - Barolo - Barolo DOCG

Prior to drinking the wine had been decanted for two hours.

The “Barolo” is produced with 100% Nebbiolo grapes and aged 24 months in large oak barrels. The wine is classified as Barolo DOCG. Alcohol by volume was label listed at 13.5%. The wine had a garnet red color. On the nose “Barolo” offered only very little. Just a few aromas of viola and raspberry. After taking a zip I noticed a low acidity and rather strong (but not aggressive!) tannins. The wine was dry, medium-bodied and came with a short-medium finish. “Barolo” from Terre Da Vino retailed for just 10€. A different store that I found online later on was sellling it for 7,99€. Thedrunkencyclist wrote on his review that the wine can be bought in the United States for 19,99$.

2004 Lorenzo Accomasso – Vigneto Rocchette – Barolo DOCG

The second wine of the evening was a Barolo from Lorenzo Accomasso; vintage 2004. Vigneto Rocchette is manufactured with 100% Barolo grapes. I don’t think the winery has a website. If they do and you know the link then please let me know. The bottle label doesn’t have much information on it. The wine aged at least 16 months in large oak barrels (minimum time for Barolo). Maybe the wine aged longer in oak though.

Prior to drinking the wine had been decanted for over two hours.

2004 Lorenzo Accomasso - Vigneto Rocchette - Barolo DOCGIn the glass Vigneto Rocchette had a garnet red color. The bouquet included  wild berries, ripe cherry, spiced rum, viola and caramel. Compared to the “Barolo” from Terre Da Vino the nose was very intense. Vigneto Rocchette had a label listed ABV of 14%. On the palate the wine was extremely smooth. The acidity was a bit stronger than the acidity in Terre Da Vino’s “Barolo”. Tannins not dominated at all. The wine was well-balanced and the finish was of persistently long. According to wine-searcher most vintages of Vigneto Rochette from Lorenzo Accomasso retail between 50€ and 65€.

Parting words

Lorenzo Accomasso’s Vigneto Rochette is a pretty good Barolo. It’s recommended but I believe the price range is rather high. I did not buy this wine myself so I’m not exactly sure if it’s available any cheaper.

“Barolo” From Terre Da Vino retails for a fifth of the price of the Vigneto Rochette (10€). It’s definitely a steal at this price! Of course there are better Barolo out there (Vigneto Rochette for example) but they tend to cost a lot more.

If you’re looking for an affordable Barolo then buy the one from Terre Da Vino but if you’re looking for something that’s a little bit more special and more complete then go with the Vigneto Rochette. Both wines are in their respective price category recommended. Want to discover more wines? Here you find the latest posts and tasting notes.


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  1. theducksong Reply

    I love Cav. Lorenzo Accomasso. Their Barolo are among the best. Had the 1999, 2000 and 2004 vintages and I fell in love with all of them =)

  2. RiojaChianti RiojaChianti Reply

    We have to thank the French for showing the Italians how to make good wines from Nebbiolo (many centuries ago)!

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