2004 Tenute Loacker – Granfalco – IGT Toscano

I’ve ended my last review with the promise to blog about Tenute Loacker’s Granfalco – the wine which saved the day after the big flop (Winzerhof Allacher Blaufränkisch) we tried before. Frequent readers of this blog will already know that I enjoy the wines of Tenute Loacker. You can find a full list of Loacker wines that I’ve reviewed here including a winery review.

Granfalco is classified as IGT Toscano.It is a modern wine from the Maremma section of Tuscany, Ialy. Produced at the winery’s Valdifalco estate, with the finest Sangiovese, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Primitivo grapes, the Granfalco is one of Loacker’s most complex wines. It aged 18 months in small French oak barrels prior to bottling. The bottle I opened was from the 2004 vintage.

Prior to tasting the wine has been decanted for roughly 1 hour (we planned on decanting it longer but since this wine was only opened because the Blaufränkisch was such a flop we simply did not have the time to decant it any longer..)

The wine’s color was an intense ruby-red with dark cherry-red overtones. Alcohol by volume was label listed at 14%.  On the nose, there were aromas of vanilla, black currant, plums, cherry and caramel. A very harmonic bouquet. The oak notes where not too dominant but still present.

The palate was interesting as well. I tasted roasted coffee and black fruits. Granfalco was full-bodied and had a complex structure. At first, tannins were a bit aggressive, but as the evening went the more mellow they became. On the palate, Granfalco was dry and complete. The finish was persistently long.

I believe if we had the time to decant the wine another hour then it would have been perfect right away.

A bottle of Tenute Loacker’s Granfalco retails for around 19€. Like many Loacker wines, the Granfalco is not closed with a cork; instead the wine is closed with a glass stopper. Glass stoppers are neutral in taste (very important), allows long aging (not as long as a cork), and they prevent a wine from corking. As far as I know, the winery has a patent on this closing mechanism.

I am of the believe that plastic corks and screw caps are not good for red wines as they have many disadvantages (cannot age wine very long, silicone/plastic cork changes the taste of wine). Glass stoppers however are fine.

Back to the Granfalco. The wine is very much recommended. Very good price-quality ratio.

4 / 5 stars      

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