2005 Bodegsa Valdemar – Conde de Valdemar Reserva – Rioja DOC

Bodegas Valdemar is a Spanish winery from Oyon which is a town in the Rioja wine-region. Bodegas Valdemar actually consists of  four small wineries which together produces a total of 22 wines. I actually wanted to open this bottle at Tempranillo-day but unfortunately I couldn’t. Therefore I decided to open the wine at a dinner. Since I had not many good Rioja in the past I had low expectations.

Conde de Valdemar Reserva is manufactured with 85% Tempranillo, 7% Mazuelo, 5% Garnacha and 3% Graciano grapes. The wine aged in American and French oak for 17 months and one year in the bottle. Conde de Valdemar Reserva is classified as Rioja DOC. Prior to drinking the wine was decanted for 90 minutes which after taking a sip turned out to be not enough time for the wine to fully develop so we waited another 30 minutes. Now the wine was ready!

Tasting notes Conde de Valdemar Reserva

2005 Bodegas Valdemar - Conde de Valdemar-Reserva - Rioja DOCIn the glass Cone de Valdemar Reserva had bright cherry red color. Most Italian red wines tend to have a ruby red or after long aging a garnet red color. This looked interesting and was a good start.

On the palate the wine had a lot of leather, some cocoa, a bit of tobacco and spices. Very complex and lots of aromas but I missed the fruit component. In Italy there is saying that if wine doesn’t have a fruit aroma then it’s not a good wine since wine is made from fruit. Alcohol by volume was label listed at 13.5%.

After taking a sip, I noticed some tannins but they were not aggressive. Cone de Valdemar from Bodegas Valdemar was dry and well-bodied. The finish was very long but I almost only tasted oak. But my expectations were not high – the wine was better than I thought it would be.

If the nose would have had at least one intense fruit aroma then I would have probably enjoyed this wine a little bit more. The decanting definitely helped the wine a lot. The first sip after half an hour was at most half as good as the wine was after two hours decanting. If you drank the wine the let me know if you liked it or not.


To buy or not to buy?

I am not overwhelmed by this wine. Maybe Rioja and I will just not become good friends. I drank the wine together with two others and they enjoyed the wine a bit more than me so it’s definitely not a bad wine and I’m sure others will get overwhelmed by it like my friends did. I personally am not recommending it but if I had to recommend a Rioja that I drank then this one would be it.

2 / 5 stars      

I’m not sure for how much Conde de Valdemar Reserva from Bodegas Valdemar retails for since the wine was a present. Robert Parker rated the wine with 90 points.

If you want to recommend me your favorite Rioja then please do so in the comment section. I might buy it if it’s available here in Munich. Talk A Vino, a fellow blogger friend, wrote a great article about Rioja. You should read it if you want to get a second, more positive opinion about Rioja wines. Last but not least you  follow me on Twitter!


7 comments on “2005 Bodegsa Valdemar – Conde de Valdemar Reserva – Rioja DOC”

  1. wineking3 wineking3 Reply

    Well put it that way: At least you were not too much disapointed!
    Have you tried Pena Aldera from Bodegas Jalon? It’s a Rioja made with 95% Tempranillo and 5% Mazuelo grapes. You might like it 🙂

  2. talkavino Reply

    I think 2005 overall for Rioja was a touch aggressive. If you want to find “your love” in Rioja region, try wines from 2001 or 2004, and stick with some of the stable names: La Rioja Alta (particularly, 2001 Vina Ardanza Reserva Especial if you can find it, but try any other Vina Ardanza), CVNE Vina Real, Lopez de Heredia, Bodegas Muga. Probably the best if you can attend a big tasting or a seminar about Spanish wines – then you can try the whole range and find what you like…

    • vino in love Reply

      Thanks for the recommendation. It looks like that La Rioja Alta has at reasonable prices (according to wine-searcher). I’ll see if I can find some wines from them.
      A Spanish wine tasting sounds actually like a pretty good idea! I’m sure there are many of them here in Munich. Vina Ardeanza 2004 is available for around 20€ + shipping. I’ll see if I can find the wine in a store though – not a big fan of online wine ordering.

      • vino in love Reply

        I just saw that Amazon sells the 2001 vintage for under 20€ here. I might actually buy that online 🙂 Shipping is just 2 €. Seems like a good price.

    • vino in love Reply

      At first glance it looks like a bottle of the Contador retails for over 120€! I can get 2-4 good Italian wines for that.. But thanks for the recommendation

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