2005 Tenute Loacker – Chrysanta – Alto Adige DOC

Chrysanta – A Moscato Giallo from South Tyrol

Today I have another wine review from Tenute Loacker for you. This time it’s an organic wine from their South Tyrolean Schwarhof estate. For information on the winery I recommend my Tenute Loacker winery review.

Chrysanta is a sweet wine produced with 100% Moscato Giallo grapes. All grapes are from a late harvest (the bottle label says “Vendemia tardiva” which is the Italian term for that). I found this bottle at a large wine sale where pretty much everything was 30% off. I was a bit worried about if the wine would still be good considering it’s a 2005 vintage. Usually these type of wines should be drank within three or four years after harvest but for  just 11,90€ I decided to take the risk. The bottle size is a regular sweet wine bottle which contains 500ml (0,5 liters).

2005 Tenute Loacker - Chrysanta - Alto Adige DOCThe wine is classified as Alto Adige DOC which only guarantees that the wine is from South Tyrol. It’s one of those very broad Italian wine classifications. Could be almost compared to an IGT. The Alto Adige DOC permits, if I recall correctly, the usage o 28 different grapes and Moscato Giallo is one of them.

Chrysanta aged in stainless steel tanks and prior to drinking the wine was chilled.

In the glass the wine had a golden-yellow color which looked really nice. On the nose the wine had a very intense aroma of elder, some honey and a bit of white flowers. To sum it up it was a lovely bouquet! On the palate the wine was sweet & fruity. Chrysanta had a persistently a long finish. I was positively surprised by the wine considering it was already 7 years old. Alcohol by volume was label listed at 14.5%

Together with the wine I served roast apple with blackcurrant in vanilla-sauce. An incredible good combination.

Parting words

Chrysanta from Tenute Loacker convinced me very much. It was still good despite of it’s age and I hope that Loacker decided to make the wine again in a future harvests (they don’t produce it every year for some odd reasons). The regular price of the wine is 17.00€ but even for that it’s worth the money. I have to say though that Tenute Loacker’s Rosa dei Venti still remains my favorite sweet wine from them.

4 / 5 stars      

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  1. RiojaChianti RiojaChianti Reply

    Unbelievable that a Moscato Giallo dessert wine is still good after that many years! I personally never had this specific one but in general I enjoy them very much =)

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