2005 Vinosia – Taurasi – Taurasi DOCG

Great quality from Campania

Located in Atripalda, Campania, Italy, Vinosia produces a large variety of wines. Their vineyards cover the area of Avellino.

I drank this wine the last time I visited Bologna at a local restaurant. While the food was quite a flop, the wine convinced me. It cost just 20€ at the restaurant. I couldn’t resit the price knowing that the wine won’t disappoint me (heard only good about it before but never had a chance to try it). Prior to ordering it I did some quick Google research and found out that the wine actually sells in store often for 18€ and up. Not sure how the restaurant was able to sell it that cheap but I’m happy they did!

The wine is named Taurasi which is also the name of the zone of production. It’s classified as Taurasi DOCG.

The bottle was from the 2005 vintage. After ordering the wine I tried it like usual. I explained to the waiter that the wine had at least 25°C (78.8°F) and that under these circumstances I won’t drink it so I asked for a big bucket full of ice. 15 minutes later the wine had a perfect tempreture. If you’re at a restaurant and they severed the wine too warm then don’t be afraid to tell the waiter!

Taurasi from Vinosia is made with 100% Aglianico grapes and aged 14 months in French oak. The color was a warm ruby red. On the nose many aromas of red fruits, caramel, some oak.

Alcohol by volume was listed at 14%. On the palate the wine remained fruity. I also noticed a small acidity. Tannins were rather strong – if you intend to buy this wine then decant it. Complex wine with persistently long finish.

As mentioned above the food was horrible. While the antipasti where OK (salumi and cheese); the main dish was not. I ordered a juicy steak medium grilled with potatoes and salad as side dis. The salad tasted awkward. Don’t want to know what they did with it. The steak arrived very rare – almost uncooked. I asked them to bring me a new one. This time I asked well-done in the hope it arrives medium. Steak arrives again very rare. I decided not to eat it and simply enjoyed the wine as meditation.

The wine is very much recommended and is also featured in my new Top 10 list.

4 / 5 stars      




8 comments on “2005 Vinosia – Taurasi – Taurasi DOCG”

  1. wineking3 Reply

    Sorry to hear that the restaurant was a flop.
    Rather unusual to chill red wine with ice isn’t it? But I assume it served it’s purpose! 😛

    • vinibuoni Reply

      I’ve had good experience with chilling red wine to around 18°C. And ice just chills it faster than the fridge. At a restaurant that was the only available option

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