2006 Tenute Loacker – Ateyon – IGT Alto Adige

When you red the title you might have concluded from the vintage that we’re talking about a red wine here. I have to disappoint you but Tenute Loacker‘s Ateyon is a white wine from their Schwarhof estate in South Tyrol. A full review of the winery can be found here.

90% Chardonnay and 10% Kerner grapes were used to manufacture the Ateyon. A total of 4500 bottles were produced. The wine ages in large oak barrels, not in stainless steel.

Ateyon has a straw-yellow color. Alcohol by volume is listed at 13.5%.
On the nose I found melon, bananas and honey. Not the typical aromas that one would expect in a Chardonnay.

The palate was unusual, too. I found the wine to be dry without any acidity. On the palate I tasted again honey and caramel. The wine remained a bit fruity. In general the Ateyon is an extremely complex white wine with a very long finish. At certain points it reminded me of a mix of a sweet dessert and red wine, yet it wasn’t!

The oak notes were really dominant in this wine. One has to like that. Otherwise they won’t enjoy this award winning Gambero Rosso wine.

It’s the perfect white wine for meditation. It goes well with strong cheeses and salumi. That’s about it. I would not drink this wine together with seafood or white meat.

Tenute Loacker’s Ateyon sells for 18.90€. I will drink the wine again on the right occasion. For a white I find the wine to be rather expensive. The wine is something special though and I believe everyone should try it at least once.

7 comments on “2006 Tenute Loacker – Ateyon – IGT Alto Adige”

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  2. vinovino9 Reply

    i’m not a big fan of whites that aged in oak. they have a funny taste :s
    nice review though 😀

    • vinibuoni Reply

      It’s a strange taste indeed since most white wines don’t age in oak. I think a lot of white wine drinkers don’t like this taste because they are not used to finding oak in a white wine.

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