2007 Fontana Fredda Papagena

Fontana Fredda is an Italian winery in the Piedmont region. A short drive from Serralunga d’Alba the vineyards of Fontana Fredda cover the Piedmontese hills. The winery produce a large variety of red, white, dessert and sparkling wines.

Papagena is the name of their Barbera d’Alba Superiore which is made with 100% Barbera grapes. The vintage I tried was 2007. Papagena ages 12 months in french oak as well as at least 12 months in the bottle.

The color is is a dark ruby red with violet shades. Alcohol by volume is listed on the bottle at 13.5%. There are aromas of plums, strawberry, roasted coffee and vanilla.

On the palate the Papagena was like most other Barbera d’Alba Superiore – dry with a good amount of acidity. The wine wasn’t very complex and the finish was medium. Since the Papagena comes from the area around Alba it has the DOC quality assurance.

During my current travels I had one of these bottles. In the Enoteca the take-home price was 14.80€. Fontana Fredda produced nothing too overwhelming here. It’s not worth searching the wine unless you are really into the Barbera d’Alba. The bouquet was very interesting but the palate just wasn’t that special. I don’t regret buying it though just won’t do so in the near future again.

6 comments on “2007 Fontana Fredda Papagena”

  1. coastalcrone Reply

    You are always tempting me with your posts. Husband and I have been discussing finally taking that trip to Italy but no commitment yet.

    • vinibuoni Reply

      I’m happy for you and your husband that you might go to Italy! It’s such a lovely country 🙂
      Thanks for enjoying my reviews!

  2. theducksong Reply

    Didnt Fontana Fredda win the gambero rosso on a few occasions? Maybe Im mistaken though

    • vinibuoni Reply

      Yes the winery won a few times awards from the Gambero Rosso for their wines but as far as I know their Barbera d’Alba Superiore didn’t win any.

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