2009 Casal dos Jordões – Quinta Da Esteveira Reserva – Douro DOC

France, Spain what’s next?

Some of you might wonder what’s going on at Vino in Love. Regular readers know that I focus on Italian wine but my last two wine reviews have been for a French and a Spanish wine. Don’t worry I did not run out of Italian wines – there are still plenty left. I just thought to share my experience with wines from other countries as well. If you expected an Italian wine now then I have to disappoint you. This time it’s Portugal and unlike the Spanish Rioja this Portuguese wine is not a flop. I’ve had it already two times during this month.

Casal dos Jordões is an organic winery from the Douro valley in Portugal. They produce a variety of different wines and are most well-known for their Port wine “Tawny”. They have been producing wine since 1870.

Quinta da Esteveira Reserva is a red wine with a bouquet of Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca and Tinta Roriz grapes. All these grapes are typical for the Douro valley. The wine aged in stainless steel tanks and not in oak.

The bottle I opened was from the 2009 vintage. I’ve drank the 2008 vintage, too but since they were rather similar I won’t review the 2008 one in a separate review. I enjoyed the 2009 vintage slightly more.

Quinta da Esteveira Reserva tasting notes

The wine has a bright ruby red color. An ABV of 13% was listed on the bottle.

On the nose there were aromas of sour cherry (red cherry), some other red fruits, tobacco and a bit of alcohol.

After taking a zip I noticed some red fruits again. The wine had a rather small body, was soft and tannins were not too aggressive. Quinta da Esteveira Reserva had a medium finish.

Together with the wine which is classified as Douro DOC, I had Tagliatelle with sliced beef filet, dried tomatoes and pine nuts. A good combination.

Please note that the bottle image is from 2008.

Vino in Love’s recommendation

So what’s the deal with this wine? It doesn’t sound excellent does it? Well it’s not a perfect wine but hey a bottle of this wine only costs 10.50€. For that price it’s a really good wine. Only thing that I did not like about the Quinta da Esteveira Reserva from Casal dos Jordões was alcohol on the nose. I will buy the wine again and it’s therefor recommended.


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