2009 Castello Banfi – Punta Nogal – D.O. Rapel Valley

An interesting wine from Chile: Punta Nogal

So a few days ago I on my way to work I walked by a small Enoteca in the center of Munich. Since I was a bit early on time I decided to see what they have in stock. The Punta Nogal from Castello Banfi caught my attention and I decided to buy the wine.

Punta Nogal wineCastello Banfi is an Italian winery from Montalcino, Italy. They are famous for their Brunello di Montalcino all over the world. I have a bottle of a Banfi Brunello in my cellar. Punta Nogal however is not a wine from Italy – it’s from Chile. Until the day I bought the wine I didn’t even know that Banfi makes wine in South America – well they do. The bottle label reads: produced by S.E. Punta Nogal for Banfi. Since I only knew Banfi’s Italian wines I was very interested in trying this wine right away instead of storing it.

Punta Nogal is manufactured with 100% Merlot grapes which are grown in the Rapel Valley and therefore the wine has been classified as Rapel Valley D.O.

The bottle I bought was from the 2009 vintage. As always prior to drinking I checked the temperature of the wine and served it at around 18°C.

In the glass Punta Nogal had purple color. The bouquet consisted mainly ripe red fruits and vanilla. Label listed ABV was 13.5%.

After taking a sip I noticed immediately strawberry and after another sip mint became more and more dominant. I also tasted a bit of nuts and a hint of raspberry. The wine had a medium finish and a medium body. Punta Nogal was very tannic. After a while I became a headache from this wine and now I did not drink very much. On a side note: during the Trabucchi wine tasting that I attended recently I drank far more and ate less and still had no headache.

Culinary wise I had a cheese risotto with tomatoes and pine nuts. The dish paired well with the wine. Without the risotto I would have probably had a far worse headache.

Parting words:

Punta Nogal from Castello Banfi /S.E. Punta Nogal retails at that Enoteca for 9.90€. I think that for that price you can get better wines – at least better European wines. If you want to try South American wine from the famous winery Castello Banfi then try something else or find it cheaper. I won’t buy it again. I don’t like getting headaches after a glass of wine. It takes the pleasure from drinking it. Now I just hope that my Banfi Brunello will be better than their Chilean Merlot.
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2 comments on “2009 Castello Banfi – Punta Nogal – D.O. Rapel Valley”

  1. wineking3 wineking3 Reply

    Sorry to hear that the wine was a flop. Interesting to see an Italian winery expanding to Chile. I guess we can call that Globalization!

    • vino in love Reply

      It’s ok. I don’t expect much from 10€ wines but I expected more than what I got..
      I agree with you that it’s quite interesting to see European wineries expanding to South America. I know of other Italian wineries who now produce wine in Argentina for example.

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