2009 Domaine Richeaume – Cuvée Columelle – VdP Bouches du Rhône

Domaine Richeaume

Cuvée Columelle 2008 imageDomaine Richeaume is an organic winery in the French region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. The winery produces six red, three white and one pink wine. Olive oil is also manufactured on the estate. Cuvée Columelle is the first wine that I’ve tried from the winery. The wine is produced mostly with 50% Cabernet-Sauvignon and 40% Syrah grapes but other local grapes are used in small amounts, too (for example Grenache Noir). Domaine Richeaume considers Cuvée Columelle to be their quality seal.

The wine is classified as VdP des Bouches du Rhône. Since most of the wines I drink come from Italy I was excited to try this French wine. The 2006 vintage won Bronze Medal of the International Wine Challenge and the 2007 vintage won the Silver Medal of the International Wine Challenge.
Please note that the image of the bottle label is from 2008. The newer vintages have not been tested yet.

Tasting notes of Cuvée Columelle

Prior to drinking the bottle was uncorked for around an hour. I usually like it when (younger) wines get a little bit of air.

The wine had dark ruby red color. Cuvée Columelle had a bouquet which consisted of heavy aromas of red fruits, a bit of herbs and some spices. ABV was listed at 13.5%.

On the palate Cuvée Columelle had pleasing, mellow tannins and was rather dry. I tasted a lot of strawberries. The wine was full-bodied and had a long finish. All in all this is a complex and harmonic wine. Since this is still a young wine I was very surprised about how complete the wine already was.

Parting words

I believe that the wine has a long aging potential. Don’t be afraid of the VdP classification. VdP is the French version of to the Italian IGT classification. In my cellar I’ve another bottle of the Cuvée Columelle and I’m looking forward to try it in a few years. I might buy a few more bottles. Some time ago I was able to get these bottles discounted for just 14€ each. I’m not sure what the regular retail price is but I found the 2010 vintage online for 24.75£ (30€). Cuvée Columelle from Domaine Richeaume is very much recommended. I consider this wine to be very good.

8 comments on “2009 Domaine Richeaume – Cuvée Columelle – VdP Bouches du Rhône”

  1. talkavino Reply

    Glad to see you deviate from the Italian wines, at least for one bottle : ) How about some Spanish, Portuguese and German wines?

    • vino in love Reply

      French wine is actually pretty good not sure why I drink it so rarely. I have some old French wines in my cellar, too (Crozes Hermitage AOC 2001).
      Recently I drank a Portuguese wine from Douro. The review on that wine is partly done 🙂 Probably next week or so I’ll publish it.
      The Winegetter might not like this but I don’t particular like German wines. Rieslings are not bad but most other wine countries make better white wines in my opinion. Eiswein (ice wine) is good but Italian Passito is better. And German reds are really awful.

        • vino in love Reply

          I’ll read your article later on 🙂 Didn’t know Canada makes Icewine so I’m excited to read it.
          Well I just didn’t have good experiences with German Rieslings. I just wrote Oliver from the winegetter an E-mail and asked him for a good Riesling recommendation. Let’s see what that will be 🙂

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