2009 Masi Tupungato – Passo Doble – Mendoza

Italian knowhow in Argentina

Masi is an Italian winery from the Veneto region. They are one of the largest wineries of the country. According to stats from the Gambero Rosso they bottle 3.400.000 bottles each year. Recently the winery expanded to South America – to be precise to Mendoza, Argentina. In the last years it became more and more popular for Italian wineries to start producing wine in South America. Castello Banfi for example expanded to Chile. Vino in Love reviewed Banfi’s Punta Nogal from Rapel Valley.  Read the review for that wine here.

Back to Masi’s project in Argentina. The idea that Masi had was to import local Venetian grapes like Corvina and Rondinella which are usually only found in the Veneto where they are used to produce Amarone. Masi’s Argentinian estate, La Arboleda, is located close to Mendoza in the Tupungato valley.

Tasting notes Passo Doble

Passo Doble bottle imagePasso Doble is a red wine blend of Corvina and Malbec grapes. A very uncommon combination. Was looking forward to try the wine right away. The Corvina grapes were sun-dried straw mats.

In the glass, the wine had a bright ruby red color. Passo Doble had a label listed alcohol by volume of 13.5%. On the nose, the wine did not offer too much. I was only able to identify aromas of smoke, cocoa and blackcurrant. There was some alcohol, too which felt out of place.

After taking a sip, I noticed smooth tannins a little bit of acidity. The wine was very harmonic right away. Passo Doble’s body is of medium size and its finish is medium-short. I tasted some black pepper, too.

To drink or not to drink?

Masi’s Passo Doble is an interesting combination of local Malbec and Veronese Corvina grapes. The nose was a bit of a disappointment but the palate was quite good. The wine can’t compete with a good Valpolicella Superiore. For 11€ the Passo Doble is turned out to be a decent buy.

2.5 / 5 stars      

4 comments on “2009 Masi Tupungato – Passo Doble – Mendoza”

  1. theducksong Reply

    Good to see that winemakers actually try out new, modern blends. Drinking always the same blends seems quite boring.

  2. winetalks winetalks Reply

    The wine sounds quite interesting. Not sure if I will try it though. Your rating is not that high and so far I’ve always liked the wines that you’ve recommended.

    • vino in love Reply

      Thanks for commenting. I’m glad you decided to read the review. I hope it helped you understand how the South American wines from Italian wineries taste 🙂

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