2009 Meloni Vini – Le Sabbie Rosso – Cannonau di Sardegna DOC

It’s about time for the first wine review on the new blog!

You might remember my review of the 2008 Meloni Vini – Le Sabbie Rosso – Cannonau di Sardegna.

Meloni Vini is a winery on the Mediterranean island Sardinia which belongs to Italy. Their most most famous wine is the so called Vasca 50. The winery produces a large variety of wines. All of them are from organic agriculture. Most of their wines are from local autochthon grapes like Vermentino and Cannonau.

Le Sabbie Rosso is manufactured from 90% Cannonau and 10% Barbera & Syrah grapes. The wine is as classified as Cannonau di Sardegna DOC. It aged 12 twelve months in french oak.

There is a heavy aroma of blueberry and blackberry, a bit of bell pepper, some vanilla and a few spices. Le Sabbie Rosso is pretty complex on the nose. Label listed alcohol by volume is 13.5%.

In the glass, the wine has an intense ruby red color. After taking a sip, I tasted blackberry again. Le Sabbie Rosso had a earthy touch. The wine was very smooth and had a big body. No need to decant this vintage yet. A Burgundy glass should do the trick. Le Sabbie Rosso has a long finish. The wine was tannic – typical for Cannonau wines. A very complete wine that was perfectly harmonic.

I had this wine with beef fillet. Paired well. Not recommended to be paired with light dishes.

The wine retails in Munich for 13.90€. A good price-quality ratio. What is your opinion on Cannonau wines? Do you like them or not and why?

Compared to the 2008 vintage the 2009 vintage only aged 12 months in French oak (at least according to the stats on the winery’s website). The 2008 vintage had a bit less Cannonau grapes. Taste-wise they are pretty similar and both are excellent wines.

Le Sabbie Rosso 2009 from Meloni Vini is recommended. It is featured in my top 10 list where it took the spot from the 2008 Le Sabbie Rosso.

4 / 5 stars      




4 comments on “2009 Meloni Vini – Le Sabbie Rosso – Cannonau di Sardegna DOC”

  1. Kelly Reply

    I’m trying to find where this wine can be purchased in the USA. I’m in Los Angeles and none of the places here carry it. Anyplace you know of within the States? Thanks.

  2. theducksong Reply

    Great review. I just recently tried this wine on a wine fair : )
    So delicious!

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