2009 Tenute Loacker – Gran Lareyn Lagrein – Alto Adige DOC

Has been some time since my last Tenute Loacker review. I need more days per week to try all these wines that I want to try.. This time it’s a wine from their South Tyrolean Schwarhof estate. Namely a 2009 vintage Gran Lareyn Lagrein. A red wine classified as Alto Adige DOC.

The name of this wine is rather confusing to me and I feel cheated. Lagrein is the name of a variety from South Tyrol and with the wine being named Gran Lareyn Lagrein I assumed that I was going to drink a Lagrein. Well I was not.

Gran Lareyn Lagrein is according to their website, a blend of 97% Schiava and 3% Lagrein grapes 100% Lagrein grapes. Now you see why I feel cheated. I drank almost pure Schiava. Now Schiava is not a bad grape but when the bottle says in bold Lagrein then I expect pure Lagrein or wine with a high percentage of Lagrein grapes. The bottle label does not indicate anything that there is anything else but Lagrein in this wine.  It should be noted that when I drank the wine I was unaware that the wine was not a Lagrein but mostly Schiava. I found this out afterwards.

Neither the bottle nor the website indicate whether the wine aged in oak (and in which type of oak) and for how long.

After pouring a glass I noticed a purple red color. There were aromas of blackcurrant, oak & even more oak, vanilla and Alpine flowers.

Alcohol by volume was listed at 13.5%. On the palate Gran Lareyn was very acid. Not a lot of flavors but some black fruits again. The wine has a rather small body and is not too complex. Nevertheless the wine has a long finish which is dominated by the wine’s acidity.

Tenute Loacker’s Gran Lareyn Lagrein Alto Adige DOC 2009 retails for around 16.50€. I’m just disappointed because I feel cheated but also because the wine did not deliver for it’s price. One of the few Loacker wines I won’t buy again. Since I’ve visited their estates before and talked to one of the Loacker brothers on a few occasions I wrote them an email about the “grape issue”. Really looking forward to their answer. The wine is not recommended. This wine reminds me of a conversation I had with Oliver from thewinegetter where we talked about organic food. The Gran Lareyn is a exactly one of these cases where an organic product tasted not very good. While I’m often trying to go for organic food “the taste […] should be the key”! If you haven’t checked out his blog yet then make sure you will – especially if you like Rieslings!


Tenute Loacker replied to my email and informed me that the information on their website is incorrect and that the wine is produced with 100% Lagrein grapes. They are very sorry about this.

5 comments on “2009 Tenute Loacker – Gran Lareyn Lagrein – Alto Adige DOC”

  1. the winegetter Reply

    Sorry to hear you had that experience. It is indeed weird they would write Lagrein on it in bold letters and then hardly have any of that grape in there…but in perspective: your other reviews for the winery’s wines were great. Every once in a while, a wine might not be. That is ok. What I agree with is that it is not okay to label something in a way that leads the customer to believe something that is not true.

    Thanks for the shout out! Very much appreciated!

    • vinibuoni Reply

      Good that we are on the same page here. Misleading the consumer is not ok!

      Loacker is still among my favorite wineries. Many great wines. I’m just a bit disappointed right now. It’ll get better 😛

      You’re welcome for the shout out 🙂 Our short convo at your blog came to my head while writing the review so I thought why not link to it 🙂

  2. wineking3 Reply

    What a shame to label the wine Lagrein.. I followed the link just to see it with my own eyes.. 97% Schiava grapes. That’s like walmart strategy! They promise you one thing but sell you another one.

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