2010 Bodegas Marqués de Càcerces – Blanco Joven – Rioja DOC

A white Rioja

Blanco Joven bottle imageBodegas Marqués de Càcerces is a Spanish winery from the Rioja area. The vineyards of Marqués de Càcerces are located in Cenicero, La Rioja. Five red, three white and one pink wine are produced by the winery.

Blanco Joven is white Rioja – to be honest it’s the first white Rioja that I’ve ever seen. Recently I was dining at a Spanish tapas bar in Munich and they happened to have this white Rioja. I was unsure about the wine since I’m not a big fan of Spanish wines but my friends convinced me to try the Blanco Joven. At the restaurant the wine retailed for 22€. Teatro Tapas is one of my favorite restaurants but I’ve never taken wine there before. They have an excellent selection of superb cocktails

The wine is made from Viura grapes which aged in large stainless steel tanks. According to the winery’s website the weather conditions for the harvest of the 2010 vintage where perfect. So this vintage should be one of there better ones I assume.

Blanco Joven tasting notes

I did not like this wine so let’s get this done quickly.

In the glass the wine had a pale straw-yellow color. The color was the only thing I liked about this wine. Alcohol by volume was label listed at 12.5%.

On the palate Blanco Joven was boring. No intense aromas. Nothing. There were a bit of herbs. The palate was even worse. I had the impression that I was drinking some water-wine mix but I was not – I was drinking Blanco Joven. The wine was flat, had a short finish and I tasted nothing interesting either. The 12.5% alcohol where not present at all. If I had to guess I would have said 8-9% ABV. Before drinking the wine we were offered a glass of Prosecco Frizzante by the restaurant owner. This simple Prosecco tasted better than this wine.

What irritates me most is that the description of the wine on the winery’s website talks about many aromas (including pears, and grapefruit) as well as a mineralic taste with a persistently finish. I understand that winery’s always write positive about their wine but come on one doesn’t need to be a sommelier to find out that this wine’s description is somehow messed up. My friends know quite a lot about wine, too and they disliked the wine as much as I did but hey one needs to try new things to broaden one’s horizon.

What to do?

Well we were in four and three of us drank the wine so we got it done pretty fast. So what do you write about when the wine was a flop? You write about the food!

The tapas that we ordered were delicious. We ordered 22 tapas and 3 deserts. I don’t recalling the last time eating so much. We had a real feast. I think we went to the restaurant at 7pm and left at 11pm. It’s a pity that I didn’t take pictures of the food. I always forget to..

A selection of tapas that we enjoyed: Stuffed zucchini blossoms, chicken with aioli and potatoes, fillet of pork filled with goat cheese in Dijon-mustard sauce, grilled beef with plums, calamari salad, chicken with mashed sweet potatoes and chorizo in red wine sauce. That’s just 7 – we had 22.. Once the bill came I couldn’t believe it myself that we ate so many but they were just too good.

If you’re ever in Munich, Germany then I recommend that you visit Teatro Tapas. Unless you want to drink wine then don’t. We switched from the Blanco Joven over to Mojito and other drinks.


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    • vino in love Reply

      Well I’m scared of Riojas. I always have bad experiences with them. Not sure why. I probably just buy the wrong ones.. I’ll look into the Lopez de Herdeia Rioja 🙂 Maybe it will convince me more. Thanks for the link

  1. the winegetter Reply

    Sorry about the wine. But I am actually glad you did not take photos. I am not a fan of those folks that pull out their cameras or smartphone at restaurants to take photos of their food. It somehow seems beside the point when you go out, in my view…

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