2011 Capichera – Vigna’ngena – Vermentino di Gallura DOCG

Capichera is a small winery on the island of Sardinia, Italy. Located close to the town of Olbia the winery produces four white and two red wines. Capichera produces wines in the famous Gallura section of Sardinia. It’s said that in Gallura the best Vermentino wines are made.

After the last Vermentino from Cantina Mesa I was hoping that this one won’t disappoint me. Prior to drinking the wine has been chilled and bottle was from the 2011 vintage.

Vigna’ngena is made with 100% Vermentino grapes and has the Vermentino di Gallura DOCG quality assurance. The wine aged partly in french oak barrels. Alcohol by volume was label listed at 14.5%. Too strong for a white wine in my opinion. Some reds don’t even reach that.

The wine has a pale straw yellow color. The bouquet had aromas of flowers, herbs, orange, oak and red apple.

On the palate Vigna’ngena is a bit fruity and dry. I could taste some oak notes which I found to be disturbing. The finish was medium. Nothing special really.

Considering that the Gallura area is supposed to make the best Vermentino wines I was quite disappointed. The wine is not bad but it’s nothing special really. Maybe I was too much excited. Nevertheless the 2009 and 2010 vintages won the “tre bicchieri” (three glasses; you should know by now) award from the Gambero Rosso. I found nothing for the 2011 vintage.I believe it didn’t score any award. I’m not recommending it though.

Since this bottle was a gift from a friend who has recently been to Sardinia I am unsure about the price.

I think I should stop drinking Vermentino. They don’t seem to convince me lately.. The last Vermentino that I recommended was a bottle of the 2010 vintage from Meloni Vini. If you’re looking for a good Vermentino then check out that review. It convinced me more than this one.




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