2011 Devicius Mariposa

Devicius is a German winery near the town of Villingen-Schwennigen which is in the Baden-Württemberg region. A total of three wines are produced at this rather small winery. All of their wines are made with grapes from organic agriculture. I felt the need to review a German wine and Mariposa from Devicius gave me that perfect opportunity!

The 2011 vintage Mariposa is a 100% Riesling. Mariposa has an interesting bright yellow color.

On the nose I smelled apple & citrus fruits.

After the first zip I tasted a lot of minerals. The wine is rather acid which gives it a refreshing note. Devicius’ Mariposa has a short to medium finish. Alcohol by volume is listed at 12%.

All in all Devicius an aromatic, light, and pleasant wine. Sushi is ideal with this wine. Vegetables and salads go well with it, too.

In my local Enoteca Mariposa retails for 9.90€. It can be bought at the winery’s online-shop. The wine is classified as “Trocken” and is best served at around 10°C.

It’s one of the better German Riesling’s I tried and therefore Mariposa from Devicius is recommended. Compared to Loimer Josef’s Riesling the Mariposa convinced me a lot more. The acidity was a bit strong so you have to like that. If you get a chance to buy this wine then it’s worth the money!

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  1. vinovino9 Reply

    i liked their 2010 vintage of the mariposa. very nice wine. will try to buy the new vintage soon 🙂
    thx for the reminder

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