2011 Planeta – Rosé – IGT Sicilia

Planeta is a large Sicilian winery which is best known for their great red wines such as the Cerasuolo di Vittoria. They produce a total of 15 wines (red, white & rosé) all around the island.

The Rosé (not a very sophisticated name for a wine..) is produced with 100% Syrah grapes. A rather uncommon grape for Italian rosé wines.The grapes for this wine are cultivated near the town of Menfi in the province of Agrigento.

The bottle I opened was a 2011 vintage. The color went in the direction a soft pink with pale strawberry traces.

Very intense aromas of caramel, chocolate, woodland strawberries and flowers were on the nose. So many aromas that they were almost too many but only almost. I probably could have smelled this wine for hours without getting tired of it. It was that great.

It was smooth and not very alcoholic on the palate. The acidity was soft. A well balanced wine. The finish was medium. Alcohol by volume was listed at 12.5%.

Culinary wise the Rosé can be served together with raw fish or seafood as well as with local Sicilian dishes. It’s also a great aperitif. I followed one of Planeta’s recommendations and had garlic bread with basil and tomatoes as well as a chicken-salad with olives and lemon. Very Sicilian and very delicious!

Planeta’s Rosé has the IGT quality assurance and retails for just 7.50€ (at least in my local enoteca). I’m sure you can get it online somewhere. One possibility would be this shop (rather pricy though compared to the retail store price).

Planeta’s Rosé is recommend, especially in that price category. The finish was a bit too short but on the other hand the aromas on the nose very overwhelming.

For more information on Planeta and their wines you can consult their website or you could read another review about one of their most famous wines – the Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG.

4 / 5 stars      

Do you know any of Planeta’s wines? Do you like them (or not)? Share your thoughts with us!

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