2011 Tenute Loacker – Raetinello – IGT Alto Adige

Recently I tried another wine from Tenute Loacker, which to frequent readers will be no stranger. A while ago I stumbled over a bottle of 2011 Raetinello  – a young red wine from Loacker’s Schwarhof estate in South Tyrol.

Raetinello is produced with 100% Schiava grapes. Schiava is an autochthonous grape from South Tyrol. Since in South Tyrol everything has two names (one in Italian and one in German) the grape is also known as Vernatsch. The grape is most notable in St. Magdalener. In most cases, wines produced with this grape only age for a short time and are served chilled. 

2011 Tenute Loacker - Raetinello - IGT Alto AdigeIn this case, the wine aged for just five days in stainless steel tanks.

The wine was served at around 12°C (53°F). Raetinello had a bright ruby red color. There were aromas of fresh red fruits (strawberry and cherry) and bitter almonds. To be honest nose was nothing, too exciting. The palate, however, was quite unique. Soft acidity, not tannic at all, very refreshing. A few bitter aromas. The finish was not very long, though. 11% was the label listed alcohol by volume. Raetinello is classified as IGT Alto Adige.

Schiava wines in general are usually enjoyed together with a traditional South Tyrolean “Brotzeit”. Brotzeit is a German term for a snack consisting of cold cuts, mountain cheese, speck, etc. It is usually served together with a special bread called “Vinschgauer” or “Vinschger Paarl”. The bread is almost exclusively produced in the Aosta Valley, South Tyrol and parts of Austria but Vinschgauer gets exported quite often.

This was the first time, that I tried Tenute Loacker’s Raetinello. It is also their cheapest wine that I had so far. It retails for 7€. At that price it is a good buy. If you want to buy the wine then you can do so directly from the winery’s web-shop.

These type of wines should be always drank young. Aged one tends to taste a little odd. The same goes for ones that are not drank chilled. After a while in the glass the wine started to taste only half as good as it tasted chilled. What is your opinion on chilled red wines?

In my opinion, this is a good light summer wine (yes I know it is winter). But remember for just 7€ you cannot expect, too much. I guess you could compare this wine to a Bardolino since Bardolino are usually also young, refreshing, summer wines. Of course there is a difference in taste between the two. If you want to try something more powerful then try Loacker’s Kastlet – Alto Adige DOC (Cabernet-Lagrein) or their Gran Lareyn – Alto Adige DOC (Lagrein).

I will conclude this wine review with a short video. If you have never been to South Tyrol then I recommend you to watch this short video so that you see what a beautiful region South Tyrol is. For more information  visit the official website of South Tyrol.

2.5 / 5 stars      


8 comments on “2011 Tenute Loacker – Raetinello – IGT Alto Adige”

  1. Sean P. Reply

    Thanks for sharing. Been to Alto Adigr a few times for vacation. Skiing, hicking, beautiful nature – such a pretty place!
    The wine doesn’t convince me. Chilled red wine is not for me. And I don’t think I would like a wine that is similar to Bardolino..

    • vino in love Reply

      South Tyrol is perfect for skiing. Especially the Sellaronda.

      Like I said, don’t expect too much from a 7€ wine. It was alright though and in my opinion even a Bardolino can taste good (but the majority don’t)

  2. winetalks winetalks Reply

    Schiava is now on my to drink list. One of my goals is to try as many grapes as possible 🙂
    Thanks for sharing the video. I already planed to stop in South Tyrol on my next trip to Italy. Now I want to go there even more! Looks so pretty.

  3. drinkforlife Reply

    Julian, what a well written review once again! Raetinello does not sound like my favorite wine but hey one needs to try as many different wines as possible! So I will look for this one 🙂

    • vino in love Reply

      Thanks for the nice words, drinkforlife!
      Raetinello will never become my favorite wine either but just like you said it’s always good to try new wines.

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