2012 Reichsrat Von Buhl – Scheurebe Auslese – Prädikatswein Pfalz

Today’s post is dedicated to a more or less unknown and often overseen German grape variety: Scheurebe. In the early 20th century, oenologist Georg Scheu created the grape by crossing Riesling with Bukettraube (a cross between Silvaner and Schiava). Scheu intented to create a Riesling-like grape that was well-suited to be cultivated in Rheinhessen. Scheurebe is considered Germany’s most successful grape crossing. 

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The variety makes up roughly for 2% of all German vine plantings and is grown in 12 out of Germany’s 14 wine regions. Plantings of Scheurebe are consistently getting less year after year. In 1999 in Germany Scheurebe was grown on 3126 hectares and in 2007 only 1702 hectares of Scheurebe still existed.

During the time that the Nazis ruled over Germany Scheurebe was called Dr. Wagnerrebe after Richard Wagner, a high NSDAP politician. In 1950 the name was changed to Scheurebe but unfortunately sometimes the variety is still called Dr. Wagnerrebe.

Outside of Germany only very little plantings of Scheurebe exist. However, Scheurebe can also be found in Switzerland, Southeast Austria (the region is known as Styria) and South England.

Reichsrat Von Buhl

One of the most well-known producers of Scheurebe is German winery Reichsrat Von Buhl. This prestigious winery is from the Palatinate (Pfalz in German) and produces a large variety of Riesling (everything from sparkling to Trockenbeerenauslese), Scheurebe and Spätburgunder (aka Pinot Noir). Reichsrat von Buhl was founded over 150 years ago (1849) and is still family-owned. Since 2011 all wines from Reichsrat von Buhl are certified organic. The winery decided to switch to organic agriculture in 2008 and states on its website the motivations behind this step: “This step was not motivated only by idealism, but by the conviction that this will help us produce even better qualities”. Reichsrat von Buhl is a member of the German association for Prädikatswein VDP.

Tasting Notes: 2012 Scheurebe Auslese – Prädikatswein Pfalz

2012 Reichsrat Von Buhl - Scheurebe Auslese - Prädikatswein PfalzThis varietal wine is produced with 100% Scheurebe and aged in stainless steel tanks. It was bottled in June 2013. Reichsrat von Buhl Scheurebe Auslese has an aging potential of almost 15 years.

In the glass, the wine had a rich golden-yellow color. The label listed alcohol by volume was 7.5%. The wine is classified as Prädikatswein Pfalz. 122g/l residual sugar.

On the nose, Reichsrat von Buhl Scheurebe Auslese was quite intense with aromas of grapefruit, blackcurrant and honey.

In the mouth, off-dry, quite sweet, full-bodied, very smooth and rich. The wine had a soft acidity and was pretty fruit-forward. Notes of gooseberry and black currant. An elegant wine with a persistently long finish.

4 / 5 stars      

Parting Words

The wine is bottled in 0.375liters bottles. In Munich the wine retails for 14.90€. Not a steal but still a good QPR. Reichsrat von Buhl Scheurebe Auslese is best served after dinner but pairs also well with very spicy Thai food.

I am wondering how this Auslese will taste in 10 years. My latest experience with an aged Auslese was exceptional. I will definitely pick up a few more bottles of Reichsrat von Buhl Scheurebe Auslese but I already know that it is going to be a struggle not to open them right away.

What’s your experience with Scheurebe? Have you ever tasted it? Care to share your thoughts about Scheurebe in the comment section below?


17 comments on “2012 Reichsrat Von Buhl – Scheurebe Auslese – Prädikatswein Pfalz”

  1. Andy Andy Reply

    Great review! Learned something new today because I’ve never heard of a variety called Scheurebe before.
    The wine seems to be too expensive so I think I’ll pass on it.

  2. winetalks winetalks Reply

    I don’t drink a lot of German wine and haven’t tasted Scheurebe yet. Read about it somewhere but somehow forgot about this grape variety again. I tried one of the von Buhl Riesling Sekt on a wine dinner roughly half a year ago. From what I remember it was outstanding. According to wine searcher the Scheurebe Auslese is not available in New England. How unfortunate..

    • Julian Rossello Reply

      Sorry to hear that you have trouble locating a store that carries the von Buhl Scheurebe Auslese. You are right, the von Buhl sparkling wines are top notch stuff!

  3. Suzanne Reply

    Really great review, I could almost taste the wine and also very very interesting history of the grape. Now I want a bottle it sounds fantastic.

  4. wineking3 wineking3 Reply

    That’s what I call a good review, Julian! Really would like to try Scheurebe! Sounds like a very interesting grape variety! Your description is wonderful and very detailed. Makes me want to take a sip or two of the wine 🙂

  5. foodwine88 Reply

    I have a question about Scheurebe. Only recently I was told that Scheurebe pairs very well with oysters. What’s your opinion on that? I’m currently looking for wine recommendations for oysters because I plan to host a oysters wine evening.

    • Julian Rossello Reply

      I’m not sure if oysters pair well with a Scheurebe Auslese but a Scheurebe Kabinett with a good acidity might work as a pairing partner.

  6. Marco van Puff Reply

    Really a nice review. Just by reading about the wine I can almost taste it. I was not familiar with Scheurebbe. The history of the grape is quite fascinating! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  8. Sean P. Reply

    Interesting post! Next summer I’ll make sure I taste some Scheurebe. I’m not a white wine drinker during the cooler months.

    • Julian Rossello Reply

      Thanks for the comment. I was quite sure that Oliver was going to comment on this post because Scheurebe is one of the few successful German Riesling crossings.

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