2012 Viticoltori Ponte – Tradizione Contadina Novello – IGT

It’s Novello time!

Vino Novello is type of Italian red wine that gets officially released every year on November 6th. Usually Vino Novello is a light wine with pretty much no tannins. The liberal fermentation process is more liberal. A large variety of grapes is permitted in its production and fermentation is more liberal. Vino Novello can never be classified as DOC/DOCG. The wine is not made for aging and usually after a few months all bottles of Vino Novello have been sold (and consumed). Vino Novello indicates the start of the new vintage. The price for these wines is usually under 10€/bottle.

Viticoltori Ponte is a large winery in the Italian Veneto region. They mostly produce spumante and frizzante (sparkling wine). They also make a few still red and white wines. All their wines are from organic agriculture.

Tradizione Contadina is the name of their Novello. The vintage of the wine is 2012. The wine is manufactured with Merlot and Montepulciano grapes. Montepulciano grapes don’t grow in the Veneto. They are only found in Southern Italian regions like Abruzzo. This means that the winery has bought the Montepulciano grapes from other vintners. This procedure is very common for Vino Novello since many wineries in Northern Italy want to make their own Novello. Their local grapes are often not “sweet” or “fruity” enough so they blend their local grapes with grapes from Southern Italy. Most of these grapes come from Sicily, Apulia and Abruzzo. Tradizione Contadina Novello is classified simply as IGT. Obviously the wine did not age very long.

Give me some strawberries

Tradozione Contadina bottle labelThe wine has a bright ruby red color and it’s ABV is label listed at 11.5%. Often Vino Novello is below 11% ABV.

There was a very, very intense aroma of strawberry on the palate. Other aromas included ripe cherry and spices. Tradizione Contadina was extremely aromatic. I did not expect that considering the wine only cost 8.20€. On the palate the wine was very fruity. There was a little bit of acidity. The wine was not very complex and the finish was somewhere between short and medium. Tradizione Contadina is very drinkable and all in all a harmonic wine.

The wine can be drank without eating any particular dish. If you want to eat something together with a Novello then pick caldarroste. Caldarroste are a type of roasted chestnuts which originated in the Emilia-Romagna. Novello together with caldarroste is a traditional Italian combination.

Tradizione Contadina: Parting words

If you’ve never had Vino Novello before then it’s time that you get a bottle. It’s definitely worth trying. Not sure if this type of wine is found in the US but I know that in pretty much all of western Europe Vino Novello can be bought. On wine-searcher there is no 2012 Vino Novello listed but older vintages can be bought. I don’t recommend to store Vino Novello in your cellar. If you decide to buy some then make sure to buy the current (2012) vintage.

Tradizione Contadina from Viticoltori Ponte offers a very good price-quality relation. For Vino Novello this is wine is “good stuff”. I’m looking forward to try a few more Vino Novello in the next months! Have you had any experiences with Vino Novello? Which one did you drink and did you like them?


6 comments on “2012 Viticoltori Ponte – Tradizione Contadina Novello – IGT”

  1. talkavino Reply

    I never saw Novello available in US stores. Typically we celebrate new vintage with Beaujolais Nouveau, French wine made out of Gamay, which actually started the tradition (30 years ago) of celebrating the new vintage. Beaujolais Nouveau officially can be sold only starting from the third Thursday in November, which will be actually tomorrow in US.

    • vino in love Reply

      I think Vino Novello and Beaujolais Nouveau are pretty similar – both want to celebrate the new vintage. I assumed so that Novello won’t be easy to find in the US. What a pity though!

  2. RiojaChianti RiojaChianti Reply

    Never saw Vino Novello at a liquor store here in the United States. : ( Why do you not recommend the older vintages of Vino Novello? They are like you said, available on wine-searcher.

    • vino in love Reply

      Vino Novello needs to be fresh. It’s not the wine that you drink once it aged a bit so therefore I don’t recommend older vintages. I’ve never drank old Vino Novello since it’s not available here. You might want to try it and let me know if you liked it.

  3. Mari Reply

    when you cannot find Novello but want a perfect wine for caldarroste take Cagnina di Romagna! it is the first choice of old ladies from Emilia-Romagna 🙂

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