Second Chance Story: 2015 Château Miraval Rosé

The temperatures are slowly but steadily rising and the sunny weather calls for fine rosé wines. Some of the most elegant ones come from Southern France, in particular Provence. One of the most in-demand wines of the season is the ’15 Miraval Rosé. Time to find out what this vintage is all about.

I admit, Miraval and I did not meet on the best of terms, back when its first vintage was released. The 2012 vintage left me largely disappointed. Now, 3 years later, I am ready to give Miraval a second chance. 2015 was a particular good harvest in Provence with ideal climatic conditions.

The beautiful landscape of Provence. Photo by Christopher Martyn. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The beautiful landscape of Provence. Photo by Christopher Martyn. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

For those who are not familiar with Miraval Rosé, here is a little bit of background information. The wine is produced by the renowned winemaker Marc Perrin in cooperation with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit. The Hollywood couple purchased the 500 hectare-large Château Miraval estate , which is located in the village of Correns, Provence, to venture into the world of winemaking. Of course, this created a hype for the wine which only became larger when Wine Spectator selected Miraval Rosé as one of the world’s 100 most important wines. This has, at least here in Germany, hyped the château’s wines even more.

The winery is a certified organic, however, their wines are no longer. Why? Since 2013, Miraval has been purchases additional grapes from non-organic producers. These are then blends with their own grapes to produce a greater quantity of wine. The winery’s line-up includes next to the rosé also two whites and one red wine.

Tasting notes. 2015 Château Miraval Rosé

2015 Château Miraval RoséWithout further due, here are my tasting notes for the Mirval Rosé  Côtes de Provence AOC, a blend of Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah and small amounts of Rolle (a.k.a. Vermentino). 95% of the wine is vinified in stainless steel; 5% in oak barrels. 13% ABV.

Beautiful peach color with salmon reflections in the glass.

Thick, fruit-driven nose with aromas of raspberries, peaches, grapefruit, strawberries, and violas. Amazing intensity and harmony.

In the mouth, this medium-full-bodied Provençal rosé is highly elegant and with flavors of ripe cherries. The wine has a mineral freshness and a slightly salty touch. It is complex, round and harmonious. Lingering aftertaste.

4 / 5 stars      

Miraval Rosé retails in Germany in the €15-20 price range. It is exported world-wide. Find it on Wine Searcher.

Parting Words

Giving the Miraval Rosé a another chance was the right decision for me. I thoroughly enjoyed this Provençal rosé and am looking forward to drinking it again in the near future.

What is your opinion about the wines from Château Miraval, especially its rosé? Do you think the hype is justified? Let me know in the comment section below. Cheers!

7 comments on “Second Chance Story: 2015 Château Miraval Rosé”

  1. talkavino Reply

    Very interesting description Julian. Same as you I had Miraval once, and was not sufficiently impressed. Sounds like yuo are suggesting that I will try it again, particularly the 2015 vintage – I will look for it.

    • Julian Rossello Reply

      Yes, I’d recommend giving Miraval Rosé a second chance 🙂 I certainly did not regret trying this wine again and my exceptions were far from met the first time I tried this wine. If you try the wine again then I’d love to read your thoughts on it. Maybe the 2015 vintage will convince you as well.


  2. Judith Smelser Reply

    I received a bottle of Miraval as a gift from a friend who knows how much I love rosé. I was skeptical of any wine connected with “Brangelina,” so I was surprised by how much I liked it. When I found out Perrin was involved, I was less surprised. Despite its celebrity connection, this really is a lovely example of what Provencal rosé should be.

    • Julian Rossello Reply

      I’m glad to hear that you, too, enjoyed the Miraval Rosé and I very much agree with your assessment. Marc Perrin makes some excellent wines and the new Miraval vintage is a good example of that. I find the wine a bit pricy but I guess that is to be expected from a wine that has been hyped so much.

      Happy Sunday! Cheers!

  3. Judith Smelser Reply

    I completely agree with you about the price. Here in the US, it retails for around $25. You’re definitely paying for the celebrity connection. There are so many less expensive rosés that are just as good!

    Happy Sunday to you too!

  4. The Drunken Cyclist Reply

    I really wanted to hate this wine, but I couldn’t. I have enjoyed the past few vintages (but have not tried the 2015 yet). $25 is a bit much, I guess, but you can find it for less–usually around $20. I honestly believe it rivals the Whispering Angel, which is one of the best rosés on the market, in my opinion.

    • Julian Rossello Reply

      Thanks for stopping by, Jeff! The 2015 vintage of Miraval Rosé is great and sure worth trying 🙂

      Whispering Angel Rosé is excellent as well, I agree but I haven’t tried the new 2015 vintage of it yet. Would be interesting to compare these to wines side by side.


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