A little update :)

Hello there!

Since I haven’t reviewed anything in the last few days I thought I let you know that I’m travelling through Italy and don’t really have the possibilities to review the great wines I’ve had here. I’ve taken notes though and will share them once I’m back in Munich or whenever I have the time and the possibility to write a review while traveling.

Back to wine: Tomorrow night I’m going to attend a wine evening hosted by Trabucchi d’Illasi which I’m looking very much forward to! One of the wines that gets tasted is going to be an Amarone from their 2006 vintage!

I’ve known the wines from Trabucchi for a while now and visited their stand at the last edition of the VinItaly wine fare. On this blog I’ve only written about Trabucchi’s Margherita 2010. It’s not my favorite but still worth trying.

My travels will take me to the area around Florence then to Bologna and Venice! Especially in Florence I want to pick up a few good bottles!




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