About Vino in Love

Hello there!

My name is Julian Rossello and I am the author of Vino in Love, a blog dedicated to the beautiful world of wine.

I grew up and currently live in Munich, Germany, where I’m working on my Bachelor’s degree in North American Studies at the LMU. In the past, I’ve called both  Bologna, Italy, and Houston, TX, my home.

For a long time, wine has been one of my passions and so back in 2012 I decided to start Vino in Love, which was back then called Vini Buoni. Wine is not only one of my passions, it’s also work for me because I have a part-time job in one of Munich’s leading wine stores.

You can connect with me on Twitter, Google +Julian Rossello and Facebook or by using the contact form  at the end of this page.

For more about my sample policy follow this link.

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