Another Summer Highlight: 2012 Cà dei Frati – I Frati – Lugana DOC

Cà dei Frati

In my last post, I talked about the history of Lugana, one of Italy’s oldest appellations. Today I want to share with my favorite Lugana, which I consider a true gem and an absolute summer wine.

Cà dei Frati, literally meaning, The Monks’ House, was founded in 1782 in Sirmione, Italy. The winery is known throughout Europe for its legendary Lugana. Cà dei Frati produces a variety of red, white, rosé and sparkling wines. Let’s take a closer look at their newly released 2012 I Frati Lugana DOC.

Tasting notes 2012 Cà dei Frati – I Frati – Lugana DOC

2012 Ca' dei Frati - I Frati - Lugana DOCI Frati is produced with 100% Turbiana grapes (as far as I know Turbiana is just a synonym for Trebbiano but there is a heavy debate among scientist whether Turbiana and Trebbiano are actually the same grape or not). Unlike its brother Brolettino, I Frati did not age in oak. Instead, the wine aged a few months in stainless steel tanks.

In the glass, the wine had a pale yellow color. 13% was the label listed alcohol by volume. On the nose, there were intense aromas of lime, white flowers, almonds and green apple as well as soft aromas of candid fruits. In the mouth, I Frati is extremely smooth. The wine was refreshing, dry and crisp. I tasted apple and some minerals. The wine was well-balanced. I Frati had a medium-long finish. After every sip, I wanted to take another!

3.5 / 5 stars      

Parting words

I Frati from Cà dei Frati is Lugana at its best. Over the years, I have never tasted a better Lugana than the I Frati. Some say, the I Frati is just the basic Lugana of the winery and prefer the Cà dei Frati Brolettino. I am of the opinion, that Lugana is best without oak.

In Italy, a bottle of 2012 I Frati retails for around 10€. The good news is that Cà dei Frati exports to the US. The bad news is, that the 2012 vintage is not yet available overseas. I have previously reviewed the 2011 vintage and liked it a lot, too (4/5 stars).

I also want to point out the beautiful wine bottle. I find it quite special and unique!

I Frati and the 2012 Verdicchio di Matelica from Colle Stefano (5/5 stars) are, so far, my favorite summer wines of the year. I highly recommend you to try both of them. They won’t disappoint you!

Vino in Love Anniversary

On May 14th, 2012 I started Vino In love (back then under the name Vini Buoni). I want to take a moment and thank everybody for reading, visiting and commenting. Thank you guys!



19 comments on “Another Summer Highlight: 2012 Cà dei Frati – I Frati – Lugana DOC”

  1. winetalks winetalks Reply

    One year! Wow. Makes me think that I should I restart writing my own blog.. Congrats 🙂

    Ca dei Frati is a great winery. Their pink sparkling wine is one of my favorites. The I Frati Lugana is great, too 🙂

    • Julian Rossello Reply

      Thanks you so much! I havent tried th’eir pink wines yet but I recently bought a of Ca dei Frati pink sparkling wine. Looking forward to give it a try.

  2. drinkforlife Reply

    Happy blogging anniversary! Thanks for all the tasting notes. Looking forward to your next posts!

  3. Sean P. Reply

    Great review, Julian! Looks like you had lots of Lugana recently!
    Congrats on your blog-anniversary =)

  4. foodwine88 Reply

    Congratulations and well done! I’m so glad that I discovered your blog a few months ago. Keep it going!

    • Julian Rossello Reply

      Thank you so much! I know right? I couldn’t quite believe it myself but fortunately I placed a reminder in my calender 🙂

  5. Karl Reply

    We visted the winery last week. They have just spent a fortune modernising the place, it looks fantastic. maybe a little soulless but the wine tatses great

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