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Visiting Le Marche – Part I 22

I spent the last week in Offida, Italy where I was inivited to attend Piceno Open, a wine tasting for selected wine writers, importers and wine bloggers. The event was organized by Vinea Marche, a cooperative with over 850 members in the Ascoli Piceno region. The tight program of Piceno Open consisted of three blind […]

Marche I

2011 PS Winery - Merlot - Marche IGT

Wine Review: 2011 PS Winery – Merlot – Marche IGT 19

PS Winery PS Winery was founded in 2008 by Dwight Stanford, American and former surgeon and Raffaele Paoloni, Italian and ex-journalist. The two met at the University of Bra (sometimes referred to as the Slow Food University) in Piedmont where they both found out that they shared a common dream: Making “the best wines possible using […]

Wine Review: 2009 Di Filippo – Etnico – Sagrantino di Montefalco DOCG 15

Sagrantino Sagrantino is considered one of Italy’s most important autochthonous red grapes. Its origins are under debate but it is widley believed that the grape was brought to Italy by Byzantine monks from Asia Minor and has been grown in the region of Umbria for over a thousand years. For many centuries the grape variety was pretty […]

Montefalco by b.roveran. License: CC BY 2.0

Boca & Ghemme

Wine Review: Boca vs. Ghemme 19

Last week I was invited to a Piedmontese wine tasting where we tried two wines that are produced near the town of Novara. The wines were: 2000 Castello Conti Boca DOC and 1999 Azienda Agricola Bianchi Ghemme DOCG. Piedmontese wines are usually not the type of wine I prefer but this tasting was quite an […]

Winemaking in Molise: 2006 Borgo Di Colloredo – Gironia Rosso Riserva – Biferno DOC 25

Winemaking in Molise Molise is a region of Southern Italy bordering Abruzzo, Puglia, Lazio and Campania. It is the second smallest region of Italy (Aosta Valley is the smallest). Agriculture,especially wine and olive oil, plays a major role in the economy of Molise. The region is very hilly and the climate varies from continental to […]

2006 Borgo di Colloredo - Giornia Rosso Riserva - Biferno DOC

2009 Azienda Macchialta - Montecucco Riserva DOC

Wine Review & Quick Update 19

Dear readers of Vino in Love, The last weeks were particularly busy for me because I was taking exams in university. Therefore I had not much time to blog and I will probably not be able to blog as much as I usually do until March. There won’t be a Mini-Review edition for January but […]

Wine Review: 2001 Serafini & Vidotto – Il Rosso dell’Abazia – IGT Veneto 17

Last week I was inviting some friends for a dinner over and as time passed by some very good wine bottles were uncorked. Today’s review is dedicated to the 2001 Serafini & Vidotto Il Rosso dell’Abazia. A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. I will mention the other wines at the end of […]

2001 Serafini & Vidotto -Il Rosso dell'Abbazzia - Veneto IGT