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2009 Agricola Fay – Costa Bassa – Valtellina Superiore

A few weeks ago, I visited one of the wine bars in Munich downtown. There I tried an interesting red wine from Nebbiolo grapes, which are locally called Chiavennasca. Nebbiolo is mostly associated with the Piedmont – many great wines like Barbaresco, Barolo and Gattinara are produced with this noble grape variety. Nebbiolo likes the alpine

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Exploring Italian Sparkling Wine: Franciacorta

Franciacorta Italy is not only home to some of the world’s very best red and white wines. Over the last centuries, the country developed a tradition to produce sparkling wines. Because Italian wine legislation is sometimes quite difficult to understand, I wrote a guide which should help you to understand the differences between a Vino

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Impressive Italian Rosé: 2012 Cà dei Frati – Rosa dei Frati – Riviera del Garda Bresciano DOC

If I think about Italian wine then rosé is not the type of wine that crosses my mind first. This, however, changed recently after I tasted the Rosa dei Frati from Cà dei Frati. Cà dei Frati Cà dei Frati, literally meaning, The Monks’ House, was founded in 1782 in Sirmione. The village is located

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Exploring Italian Whites: Lugana & 2012 Pratello – Terre Bianche – Lugana DOC

Exploring Italian Whites: Lugana Today we are going to talk about Lugana. Lugana is one of Italy’s oldest appellation for white (and sparkling) wine. The wine is produced predominately with 100% Trebbiano but up to 10% of other white grapes are permitted, as well. Over the last few years, Lugana has become increasingly popular. The

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