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High Expectations: 2006 Guerrieri Gonzaga – San Leonardo

San Leonardo is a red wine from the Trentino-Alto Adige region in Italy which has been recommended to me by friends and fellow wine lovers alike. Some praised it as one of the best Italian reds. Others described it to me as mind-blowing. So my expectations were obviously quite high. Were they met? Below are my thoughts on San Leonardo, vintage 2006.

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2011 Tenute Loacker - Tasnim - Alto Adige IGT

Not Your Typical Sauvignon Blanc

Schiava, Lagrein and Gewürztraminer are among the most commonly associated grape varieties with South Tyrol but the region is also home to some astonishing white wines from international varieties like Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Tenute Loacker is one of the wineries that produces varietals out of these international varieties and in today’s wine review we will take a closer look at the 2011 Tenute Loacker Tasnim – a varietal Sauvignon Blanc.

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2011 Tenute Loacker – Raetinello – IGT Alto Adige

Recently I tried another wine from Tenute Loacker, which to frequent readers will be no stranger. A while ago I stumbled over a bottle of 2011 Raetinello  – a young red wine from Loacker’s Schwarhof estate in South Tyrol. Raetinello is produced with 100% Schiava grapes. Schiava is an autochthonous grape from South Tyrol. Since in

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