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Weekly Wine Quiz #31 – Trentino-Alto Adige 4

Wednesday is wine quiz time on Vino in Love but before we get to the quiz, here are the answers from last week’s edition. Answers For Wine Quiz #30 Q1: The Valtellina is famous for a red wine from partially dried grapes that undergo an appassimento process just like Amarone. Unlike most other passito wines this one is dry. What is the […]


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Weekly Wine Quiz #30 – Lombardy 10

Last year, I had a weekly theme called weekly wine quiz. Every week I posted a quiz which consisted of usually five questions and the following week I posted the answers. In July of 2013, I eventually ran out of questions and so the quiz came to an end after 29 editions.  I had planned to relaunch the […]

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Wine Quiz #28 12

It is time for our weekly wine quiz here at Vino in Love but before we get this this week’s quiz we should start with the answers for last week’s edition. Wine Quiz #27 – Solutions Question 1 Which one doesn’t fit? A) Cosentino B) Donnafugata C) Cosumano D) Malaspina A – Cosentino. Cosentino is […]

Wine Quiz #27 15

It’s time for our weekly wine quiz here at Vino in Love. But before we get to this week’s quiz I want to give you the answers of last week’s edition. I now that I’m a little bit late. Sorry about that! Wine Quiz #26 – Solutions Question 1 What wine-related thing do the French […]