Yes, I’m still alive

The last two months have been rough and busy for me and I had actually intended to finish quite a few posts but university and work consumed most of my time. Anyways, when time allowed I drank some wine and some – most of it was good and some worth writing about.

October should be less stressful and so I plan to return to a regular writing schedule (I know I already promised that in my last post but this time I am optimistic that I can keep this promise. Without further due, here are the wines that I want to share with you . Some of them have been previously mentioned/reviewed on Vino in Love.

2013 Latium Morini – Soave DOC

Amazing Soave Classico that I discovered by chance. This is a blend of 80% Garganega, and 20% Trebbiano and the fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks. Very intense, fruity nose with aromas of white peach, apple and  white flowers. Pale yellow color in the glass. In the mouth, dry, fresh with a good minerality. Light-body, crisp and of good balance. Short-medium finish. The label listed ABV was 12.5% Be careful: This wine is addictive!

Average price: €9

Rating: 4/5

1998 Lolonis – Cabernet Sauvignon – Redwood Valley

1998 Lolonis - Cabernet Sauvignon - Redwood ValleyLolonis is an American winery located in Redwood Valley which was founded by Greek immigrants. This 1998 Cabernet Sauvignon was surly not intended for long ageing but I found it in my father’s cellar and because we both were curious we decided to give it a try.

The wine was decanted for roughly an hour and had a garnet-brick-red color. Spices, plums and raspberries were the most dominant of the many aromas. On the palate, the wine was completely different because it lacked body. Tannins were very smooth and there was still some acidity. Persistently long finish.

It was an interesting experience to drink this Cabernet because I honestly did not know what to expect and I quite liked the win, even though I wished that it had had a slightly larger body. Sometimes “losing” a bottle in the cellar isn’t so bad.

Average price: ???

Rating: 3.5/5

2011 Santa Barbara – Pathos – Marche IGT

pathos_eti_2004bPathos is Santa Barbara’s try to produce a great red wine from International grape varieties. Produced with equal parts of Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon from a single vineyard and of limited availability. Santa Barbara is located in Matelica, Marche, a region which is mostly known for its Verdicchio. They are one of the largest wineries in Matelica with multiple labels for different qualities. So they make everything from rather poor wines to very good ones.

Pathos had a ruby red color in the glass. The nose was intense and dominated by leather but there were also aromas of forrest fruit and a bit of liquorice. Very heavy, tannic and full-bodied with a juicy acidity. Notes of raspberry in the mouth. Never-ending aftertaste.

Average price: €28 (Unfortunately, in Munich the retails for a little under €50 which is a real rip-off.)

Rating: 4/5

2009 Santadi – Rocca Rubbia – Carignano del Sulcis IGT

2009 Santadi - Rocca Rubbia - Carignano del Sulcis IGTRocca Rubbia is always a safe choice for me when it comes to pairing Salsiccia, an Italian type of sausage, with wine. It is produced with 100% Carignano grapes by Santadi, a Sardinian winery with multiple estates spread across the island. The grapes for the Rocca Rubbia are grown in Sulcis, the southern tip of Sardinia. After fermentation, the wine aged for about one year in barrique. Ruby red color in the glass. Aromas of Tobacco, plums, ripe cherries and nutmeg. In the mouth, dry with mellow, pleasing tannins. Notes of dark chocolate and black cherries which partly recall the aromas of the nose. Full-bodied and harmonic with long aftertaste.

Average price: €18

Rating: 4/5 (Previously rated: 4/5)

2013 Cantina Mesa – Giunco – Vermentino di Sardegna DOC

Cantina Mesa is one of the largest wineries on Sardinia and Giunco is produced exclusivly with Vermentino grapes from vineyards located in Sulcis. The wine is fermented in steel vats and ages only for a few months in the bottle before being put on the market. Giunco has an ABV of 13% and in the glass it had a yellow-greenish color. Lots of Melon, elderflower, toast and some quince on the nose. On the palate, dry, fresh and juicy. Notes of herbs and a minerals. Medium-short finish.

This is one of my favourite ‘basic’ Vermentino and I always come back to this wine. Great consistency between vintages but drink it young. It’s not meant for ageing unlike some other Vermentino.

Average price: €11

Rating: 3.5/5

2009 Gulfi – Nerojbleo – Sicilia IGT

Gulfi is one of my favourite Sicilian wineries because they manage to produce stunning, elegant and high quality wines from Nero d’Avola. Why do I mention this? Because, unfortunately, most Nero d’Avola wines are still the result of mass-production with high yield and low quality. Thanks to wineries like Gulfi but also others including Morgante this habit is slowly spreading to other wineries.

Made with 100% alberello Nero d’Avola grapes from a vineyard in the Canzeria Valley , Nerojbleo aged after a long maceration in 225l and 500l oak barrels for roughly over twelve months. In the glass, the wine had a deep, ruby red color. Marasca cherries, a bit of of vanilla, pistachio and red fruit. In the mouth, warm, dry, slightly salty and elegant. Quite harmonic with a well-balanced acidity and a persistently long finish. Notes of cocoa on the palate.

Average price: €15

Rating 3.5/4 (Previously rated: 3.5/4)

2006 Le Pupile – SolAlto – Maremma IGT

2006 Le Pupile - SolAlto - Maremma IGTSolAlto is a sweet wine from Tuscan winery Le Pupile which has its vineyards in the heart of the Maremma near Grosseto. It’s produced from late-harvest botrytis Traminer, Semillon and Sauvignon grapes. After harvest, the grapes get fermented in stainless steel tanks and then shock-frosted to -5°C. Only after then the wine gets filtered and bottled. SolAlto had a bronze-yellow color in the glass. Aromas of peach, candid apricots, acacia honey, pineapple and a bit of quince. In the mouth, sweet with a good acidity. Full-bodied, creamy, elegant and well-ballanced. Notes of mature fruit. Long aftertaste.

The blend is untypical for Italian sweet wines which makes the wine so interesting. Elisabetta Gepetti, the winemaker of Le Pupile, is known for untypical blends. For instance she also makes a dry white wine from Traminer and Sauvignon – both are highly aromatic grapes which usually calls for conflict but she always manages to create a good end-product.

Average price (0.375l): ??? 

Rating: 4/5 (Previously rated: 3.5/4)

Parting Words

There you have it – Seven interesting wines. My next post is scheduled to be published this weekend so no more two months long breaks between posts. If you have tried any of the above wines then feel free to share your thoughts about them in the comment section below. I’m currently also considering relaunching Vino in Love’s weekly wine quiz series but that’s no decision has been made yet. First I want to get my blogging-routine back. Cheers!


6 comments on “Yes, I’m still alive”

  1. Anatoli Reply

    I’m so glad you are back! I was thinking the other day that it’s been really a while since I saw your posts, so I’m glad you are back.

    Your list looks very good. The only wine I’m familiar with is Lolonis. Actually, their wines age perfectly – I had a few bottles of their blend called Orpheus, each with about 12 -14 years on them, and they were just perfect. The only sad thing is that the winery actually closed around 2010/2011 🙁 If you can still find their wines anywhere, you should definitely buy them…

    • Julian Rossello Reply

      Thanks Anatoli!
      I know of a small wineshop that still sells some of the wines from Lolonis. This was my first occasion to try one of their wines and it’s a real pity that they closed.. I’ll make sure to buy some of their remaining bottles because I liked that Cabernet and from what I remember, the prices were fair.

  2. Suzanne Reply

    Wondered what happened, missed your posts Julian, so glad you are back. Impeccable reviews as always and wines I would definitely try based on your expert reviews and recommendations.

    • Julian Rossello Reply

      Thank you Suzanne! All these wines are worth trying but if I had to narrow it down to one recommendation I’d go with the 2009 Santadi Rocca Rubbia. Sardinian wines tend to offer great value 🙂

  3. Sean P. Reply

    I was worried that something bad had happened to you. Don’t leave us in the dark again! Glad to see that you’re back safe and sound.

    Great reviews – The Gunco sounds particularly nice.

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