Impressive Italian Rosé: 2012 Cà dei Frati – Rosa dei Frati – Riviera del Garda Bresciano DOC

Lake Garda Sirmione mapIf I think about Italian wine then rosé is not the type of wine that crosses my mind first. This, however, changed recently after I tasted the Rosa dei Frati from Cà dei Frati.

Cà dei Frati

Cà dei Frati, literally meaning, The Monks’ House, was founded in 1782 in Sirmione. The village is located in Lombardy at the coastline of Lake Garda. In recent years, the winery became quite well-known for its stunning Lugana (follow this link to read my review) and ever since their wines are being talked about all over the place.

A few weeks ago, I ran into the Rosa dei Frati in one of my favorite wine shops here in Munich. Until then I didn’t know that Cà dei Frati was producing rosé and in fact the winery’s website doesn’t even mention any rosé. But they do. Since I couldn’t decide which of the two rosé I should buy (Cà dei Frati also produce a sparkling version of the Rosa dei Frati) I bought both. I haven’t had the opportunity to taste that sparkling rosé yet.

Let’s take a closer look at the 2012 Rosa dei Frati: The wine’s appellation is Riviera del Garda Bresciano DOC. Rosa dei Frati is produced with a blend of Groppello, Marzemino, Sangiovese and Barbera. Did you know that Lake Garda completely reshaped the growing possibilities of vines in Northern Italy and that it is the northernmost region where olive trees can grow? Because of the Lake and the warm climate, it is possible to plant a large variety of grapes ranging from Riesling to Trebbiano (Trebbiano is used for example for Lugana) and from Corvina (important for Amarone and Recioto) to Sangiovese.  Rosa dei Frati aged for a few months in stainless steel tanks

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Tasting Notes 2012 Rosa dei Frati

2012 Cà dei Frati - Rosa dei Frati - Riveria del Garda Bresciano DOCThe wine comes in the traditional Cà dei Frati bottle. Rosa dei Frati had an intense salmon-pink color. On the nose, there were aromas of cherries, wild strawberries, blackberries and roses. In the mouth, the wine was very fruity, especially raspberry was present. Well-balanced thanks to the soft acidity. Rosa dei Frati had a medium-long finish.

3.5 / 5 stars      

Rosa dei Frati can be served as an aperitif. The wine can be paired with a variety of dishes. I served it with a traditional Milanese risotto. My company enjoyed the wine a lot. Now looking forward to try the sparkling version of the Rosa dei Frati. This is definitely one of the better Italian pink wines. Cà dei Frati keeps impressing me over and over. Keep it going!

As always, if you tried the Rosa dei Frati then please let me know how you like it.



11 comments on “Impressive Italian Rosé: 2012 Cà dei Frati – Rosa dei Frati – Riviera del Garda Bresciano DOC”

  1. winetalks winetalks Reply

    That is a lengthy name for an appellation! I can’t even pronounce that 😉
    Jokes aside. Great and informative review. Do you know why the wine is not listed on their website? Is it a new wine or why?

  2. hannah-theis hannah-theis Reply

    I can almost taste this “fruit bomb” just by reading your description! Sounds tasty! I think I would love all the red fruit : -)

  3. wineking3 wineking3 Reply

    That’s the type of pink wine I like! How come you didn’t know about this wine 😉 It has been one of my favorites since the release of the 2010 vintage 🙂
    Thanks for bringing back good wine memories, Julian!

  4. theducksong Reply

    i cant understand the hype about ca’ dei frati. their wines are not that good in my opinion. all they have is excellent marketing. are you paid to promote their wines or what

    • Julian Rossello Reply

      Of course I am not paid by them. All opinions on this blog are my own unless otherwise states (guest posts for example).
      I agree with you though that there has been some kind of hype about Cà dei Frati.. Nevertheless, I like some of their wines – I’m not that big of fan of their red wines though.

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