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Mehofer is an Austrian winery which solely produces organic wines in the heartland of the Lower Austria (Niederösterreich) region. They produce elven white and four red wines as well as one pink, one sparkling and two sweet wines.

I’ve had the chance to try Mehofer’s sparkling wine. By Austrian wine-law the wine is classified as Sekt. A German term to describe high-quality sparkling wine. Not all wines classified as Sekt are made after the méthode champenoise rules.

Mehofer’s Sekt is manufactured with 100% Roter Veltliner grapes. Most of the sparkling wines of Lower Austria are made from Grüner Veltliner grapes. The bottle didn’t list the vintage of the wine. I assume it’s was a 2010 bottle. Prior to tasting the wine was chilled.

After pouring a glass I noticed a rather strange green yellow color with some green reflexes. On the nose there were strong aromas of Alpine herbs. It’s those herbs that fill the air when you’re hiking the Alps in Tyrol and South Tyrol. Moreover there was a heavy aroma of Grapefruit as well as a bit of strawberry and acacia.

The bottle has a label listed ABV of 12.5%. finish. This Sekt is harmonic, a bit fruity and not too dry. Mehofer’s Roter Veltliner convinces with a mineralic, long finish. I bought this wine at a Restaurant/Enoteca in Munich. The take-home price was 14.90€.

The wine serves more than well as aperitif. I can recommend this sparkling wine. It has an excellent quality-price relation.

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