Mini Reviews: July 2015

Another month has almost come to an end and it’s time for Vino in Love’s end of the month Mini Reviews. July’s edition covers 16 wines. Most of these I tasted with friends and family; others I received as samples. A few of them may be more difficult to find than others. As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on them!


2011 Tenute Loacker – Lodolaia – Maremma Toscana IGT

2011 Tenute Loacker Lodolaia Maremma Toscana IGT100% Syrah; aged for 12 months in French oak. Plums, blackcurrant, cocoa, black pepper and cinnamon aromas are among the most-notable aromas. This Syrah is dry, very elegant, harmonious and comes with a full-bodied. It has present but pleasing tannins and flavors of chocolate and blueberries. Warm aftertaste which is of medium length. 15% ABV.

3.5 starsGood Syrah but some of the previous vintages were better. €20+

2011 Casale del Gigilio – Shiraz – Lazio IGT

2011 Casale del Giglio Shiraz100% Syrah; aged for 8 months in barrique. An exciting nose with smoke, black pepper, blackberries and hints of vanilla but in the mouth the wine lacked complexity. This is an elegant, uncomplicated medium-bodied, Syrah which has soft tannins and a notable acidity. Rather short aftertaste.

3 stars

The wine is in decline. €10

2012 San Salvatore – Jungango – Paestum IGP

2012 Jungano100% Aglianico; aged 12 months in oak & 8 months in steel vats. Great intensity on the nose which has heavy aroma of smoke, some blueberries & blackcurrant as well as oaky aromas like vanilla and cinnamon. Medium-full-bodied Aglianico which has very powerful, yet pleasing tannins. Flavors of chocolate, ripe red fruit and a touch of smoke. Overall harmonious. Medium+ length. 14.5% ABV.

3.5 stars

2010 San Lorenzo – Oinos – Montepulciano d’Aburzzo Colline Terramane DOCG

2010 San Lorenzo Oinos100% Montepulciano; aged 18 months in barrique and 16 months in stainless steel vats. Harmonious, intense nose which comes with aromas of licorice and lots of ripe fruit, especially black cherries and blackcurrant. As the wine evolves further, vanilla becomes more dominant. Medium-bodied, highly elegant Montepulciano which very smooth tannins. Oinos has a feminine character, a moderate acidity and comes with a touch of cocoa and red berries. Round and elegant. Medium length.

3.5 stars


2014 Agriverde – Natum – Trebbiano d’Abruzzo DOC

Varietal Trebbiano; aged in stainless steel. Aromas of green apple, bell pepper, lemons and stones. This entry-level Trebbiano has a dominating acidity and is light-bodied. Short finish.

3 stars


2008 Planeta – Chardonnay – Sicilia IGT

Planeta Chardonnay Double MagnumVarietal Chardonnay; aged for 12 months in oak; double magnum bottle. Complex, heavy nose with aromas of ripe peach, dried apricots, oranges, lots of almonds, acacia honey and flowers. On the palate, dry, very creamy and elegant. Medium-bodied, with a low acidity. Heavenly, long-lasting aftertaste.

4 starsDrink now.

2007 Paterna – Vin Santo del Chianti DOC

2007 Paterna Vin Santo del ChiantiBlend of Trebbiano and Malvasia; aged in oak for 36 months. Intense nose which is dominated by oak notes and has little fruit aromas. Lots of marzipan and candid nuts are most notable. Creamy texture, crisp and slightly sweet. Edgy, medium-bodied Vin Santo which has some balancing issues. The wine has a fruity ans nutty character. Decent length.

3 stars

If you want to get to know Vin Santo then this is a good choice because it is quite affordable but I’ve had many better.

2012 Girlan – Flora Chardonnay – Alto Adige DOC

100% Chardonnay; aged for 12 months in large oak casks. Lovely nose with acacia flowers, leaves, quince, chestnut and pear aromas. On the palate, smooth with a low acidity. Balanced with flavors of honey, stone fruit, bread. Medium-bodied Chardonnay which comes with a lingering finale. 14% ABV.

4 stars


2014 Agriverde – Natum – Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo DOC

Varietal Montepulciano; aged in stainless steel. Raspberries, ripe strawberries and flowers on the nose. Full-bodied with almost no tannins. Crisp, fresh, mineral with flavors of blackberries and raspberries. Simple, yet very quaffable rosé. Long aftertaste.

3.5 stars


2014 Costaripa – Rosamara – Valtenesi Chiaretto DOC

2014 Costaripa RosamaraSoft nose with notable woodland strawberries aromas, violet and a little bit of cherries. Very light-bodied, dry rosé which has fruit-driven flavors of raspberry, blackberries but also caramel. Low acidity and quaffable but not that exciting. The finish was of medium length 12.5% ABV.

3 stars€13+


2013 Fürst – Pur Mineral – Franken Qualitätswein

100% Silvaner; aged in stainless steel tanks. Subtle nose with pear, quince and fresh-cut grass. In the mouth, medium-bodied with a medium minerality and a low acidity. Lots of red apples and a herbal note in the aftertaste which was somewhere between medium and long-lasting. 12% ABV.

3.5 stars€15

2013 Weingut Forster – Gutsriesling – Nahe Qualitätswein

Forster Riesling Nahe100% Riesling; aged in stainless steel tanks. Aromatic nose with quince, jasmine, stones, mirabelle liquor. In the mouth, dry with a rather strong acidity. Highly mineral Riesling with flavors of lime juice. The wine has quite an alcoholic touch which gives makes it not very quaffable. Medium-bodied with slightly bitter aftertaste. 11.5% ABV.

2 stars€13. Disappointing Nahe Riesling – there are far better alternatives out there.


2012 Winzer Krems – Pfaffenberg Riesling Reserve – Kremstal DAC

2012 Winzer Krems Pfaffenberg Riesling Reserve Kremstal DACVarietal Riesling; aged in stainless steel tanks; magnum bottle. Riesling-typical nose with yellow apples, lime zest and flowers like jasmine. In the mouth, dry with a moderate acidity. Fresh, smooth and of good balance.  Highly mineral with flavors of apples and other fresh fruit. Very quaffable wine which comes in with an everlasting finale. 13.5% ABV.

4 starsVery good Austrian Riesling.

2014 Arkadenhof Hausdorf – Carmen – Gemischter Satz

2014 Arkadenhof Hausdorf CarmenBlend of Riesling, Roter Veltlienr and Chardonnay; aged in stainless steel. Very floral nose but also quince and pear aromas. In the mouth, dry with flavors of yellow apples and lime.  Crisp, very mineral and slightly saline. Persistent aftertaste.

3.5 starsExcellent quality price ratio at €9.


2007 Bodes LAN – Rioja Reserva DOCa

2007 Bodegas Lan Rioja Reserva80% Tempranillo, 10% Garnacha, 10% Mazuelo; aged for 12 months in American and French oak. Heavy aroma of vanilla, a bit of cocoa, blueberries and lots of cherries on the nose. On the palate, dry with flavors of dark dark chocolate and ripe fruit. The wine lacked body and is tired. The tannins are pleasing and mellow. Medium length.  13.5% ABV.

3.5 stars€14

Domingo Molina – Tannat – Valle Calchaquies

2010 Domingo Molina Tannat100% Tannat, aged 8 months in oak. Oaky nose which has lots of vanilla, tobacco and cocoa aromas but also toffee and a little blackberries. It is extremely tannic and has a strong acidity. Full-bodied with notes of cherries chocolate and vanilla. Difficult wine.

€17+3 stars

Parting Words

That’s all for today! Any favorites? Cheers!


5 comments on “Mini Reviews: July 2015”

  1. Sean P. Reply

    I never had Tannat before. Is it of South American origin? Maybe that’s why I haven’t seen one before… Cheers Julian

  2. Stella Pan Reply

    Good article, and this is really a good recommendation for wine lover, because it also marked with the price. If the blogger can also contain the purchaing location information that would be wonderful. Then I can see where to get those wines. Thank you for sharing your opinion with us!

    Stella Pan
    The wine Elite

    • Julian Rossello Reply

      Thank you for your kind words, Stella!
      I thought about adding outbound links to Wine Searcher so it was easier for to find the wines but not all wines I review are listed on Wine Searcher and some are only available in certain countries. In the past But in the past I’ve done that and I will consider adding links to Wine Searcher again for the August Edition of Vino in Love’s Mini Reviews. The feedback is much appreciated. Cheers!

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