Mini Reviews: June 2015

Another month has almost come to an end and it’s time for Vino in Love’s end of the month Mini Reviews. June’s edition covers 17 wines. Most of these I tasted with friends and family; others I received as samples. A few of them may be more difficult to find than others. 


2010 P.S. Winery – Confusion – Marche IGT

2010. P.S. Winery - Confusion - Marche IGT36% Merlot, 27% Cabernet Sauvignon, 18% Petit Verdot, 18% Cabernet Franc; aged for 12 months in tonneau and barrique Mix of plums & cherries with oaky aromas such as cinnamon, cocoa and licorice and also earth. On the palate, medium-full-bodied, and dry. Confusion has ripe, smooth tannins and a good complexity. Moderate acidity. Notes of espresso and black fruit. The aftertaste is ok; in my opinion the wine’s “weak” spot. It is of medium length. Despite that, Confusion is a very good wine.

4 starsLovely Bordeaux-blend from Marche. Confusion retails for €28 in Munich.

2010 Erbaluna – Langhe Nebbiolo DOC

100% Nebbiolo, aged in oak barrels of various sizes. Violet, marasca cherries and hints of roses on the nose on the rather alcoholic nose. The palate had the same alcoholic touch that was noticeable on the palate. Dry and very, very bitter. Medium-bodied with a relatively low acidity for Nebbiolo. The wine lacked complexity and had balancing issues. Rather short aftertaste.

2.5 stars

It’s best to stay away from this Langhe Nebbiolo. There are far better alternatives out there.

2009 Gabbas – Dule – Cannonau di Sardegna Riserva DOC

2009 Gabbas Dule Riserva100% Cannonau from old vines harvest from a single vineyard; aged for 12 months in French barrique. Great intensity on the nose with tons of spices and some ripe red fruit. In the mouth, dry and full-bodied with a balanced acidity. Not that complex, very quaffable, silky texture and quite harmonious. This is a good Cannonau Riserva at a fair price. Drink now.

3.5 stars

2014 San Salvatore – Trentenare – Paestum IGP

Varietal Fiano; aged in stainless steel tanks. Intense, fruit-driven nose with alfonso mang and lots of peach but also vanilla and some jasmine flowers. Very quaffable, easy-to-drink yet still complex Fiano with a moderate acidity which gives the wine a refreshing touch. Almost full-bodied with flavors of grapefruit. Lingering aftertaste. 13.5% ABV.

4 stars

Very good Fiano from Campania. Definitely worth trying this summer! About €12 in Germany.

2012 Arrigoni Family Winery – La Quarta Terra – Cinque Terre DOC

2012 Arrigoni - La Quarta Terra - Cinque Terre DOCAt least 60% Bosco, Albarola, Vermentino; aged in stainless steel tanks. Overripe mango, acacia flowers, fresh-cut herbs and nuts on the aromatic nose. In the mouth, medium-bodied with moderate acidity. Good balance but the wine seemed was not youthful and fresh anymore. Still highly interesting with a good mix of fruit and herbs. Warm, long-lasting finish which had slightly alcoholic touch

I bought this wine almost two years ago in Italy and probably hang on to it for a little too long because it has changed a lot. Tasted the same vintage last year and it was much fresher and juicier. Cinque Terre wines are extremely difficult if not impossible to find in Munich, the most likely reason for that is that the produced quantity is very, very low. There are only a handful of producers who bottle their own wine. Most grapes are sold to the Cooperativa di Riomaggiore. I’ll write more on the Cinque Terre wine in a more detailed post. For now: If you get the opportunity to taste Cinque Terre wine then go for it! You might not love them because they have quite a unique taste but it’s worth trying them at least once.

3.5 starsPaid €13 for this bottle in Italy.

2009 Le Rose – Ultimo – Lazio IGT

Very late-harvest Malvasia, Gros Manseng, Petit Manseng; aged in stainless steel vats; passito-style. Candid apricots and candid peaches but also orange marmalade, linden blossoms and hawthorn are most notable on the highly aromatic nose. On the palate, Ultimo has a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity. The wine has a saline touch and is medium-bodied. Very elegant and mineral with flavors of honey and stone fruit. Lingering aftertaste.

4 stars

2011 Ettore Germano – Alta Langa Brut DOCG

2011 Ettore Germano Alta Langa Brut80% Pinot Nero, 20% Chardonnay; classic method sparkling wine; stays on the lees for 30 months. The nose opens with breadfruits, lime and white flowers, followed by dried fruit. In the mouth, the wine has a fine perlage. Dry with a strong, fresh acidity. Well-balanced with flavors of croissant, apples and a tiny bit of bitter almonds. Long-lasting finale.

4 stars


2010 Can Majoral – Son Roig – Pla i Llevant-Mallorca DO

2010 Can Majoral - Son Roig - Pla i Llevant-Mallorca80% Cabernet, 10% Syrah, 10% Merlo; aged for 12 months in oak. Lovely nose with great intensity. The nose opened with Blackberries, black pepper and blackcurrant. As the wine evolved in the glass, vanilla and other spices became more present.  In the mouth, the wine has fruity and oaky flavors and a good spiciness with notable vanilla. Full-bodied with a present acidity. Overall very good balanced. Silky structure. Wonderfully, long-lasting aftertaste.

4 stars

This wine hails from the sunny island of Majorca. Very good and highly recommended. Retails for about €23 in Munich.

2011 Bodegas Palerma – Bobal y Merlot – Utiel-Requena DO

2011 Bodegas Palerma - Bobal Y Merlot - Utiel-Requena60% Bobal, 40% Merlot. Fruity nose with raspberries, plums, blackberries and cherries but also cocoa aromas. Dry, juicy and very quaffable with a present acidity. Good balance. Extremely fruity with tons of red fruit. Soft, mellow tannins. Medium length.

3 stars

Bobal is an ancient Spanish autochthonous grape variety. This wine has a retail price of €10 in Germany.

2013 Bodegs Palerma – Bobal y Tempranillo – Utiel Requena DO

60% Bobal, 40% Tempranillo. Prune and blackberry aromas are most notable but the nose lacked intensity. Light-bodied, fruity wine with smooth tannins. Lacked complexity and personality – almost flat.  Slightly mineral. Non-impressive aftertaste.

2.5 stars

2014 Alvaro Palacios – Camins del Priorat – Priorat DOCa

2014 Camins del PrioratBlend of 55% Garnacha, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Samso, 10% Syrah, 5% Merlot; aged for 4 months in oak. Plums, red cherries, cedar wood and lots of spices on the nose. Medium-bodody and warm with a rather strong alcoholic touch. Moderate acidity and smooth texture. In the mouth, fresh and vivid with notes of cocoa and berries. Not very complex but quite quaffable. Medium-long aftertaste.

3.5 starsA good Priorate with an even better QPR (costs in Munich €14).

(Camins del Priorat is sourced partly from grapes which the winery purchased from third parties. I’m not a fan of that practice and did not know about it when I bought the wine. However, this did not affect the rating but I thought it is worth mentioning. Furthermore, I found no technical sheet for this wine from the producer and different online retailers list different blends for this wine)

2008 Bodegas Beronia – Rioja Reserva DOCa

2008 Berona Rioja Reserva DOCaTempranillo, Mazuelo, Graciano; aged for 18 months in French and American oak. Aromas of plums, cherry liquor, mint and cinnamon. On the palate, dry with an alcoholic touch. This Rioja Reserva is Medium-bodied, has mellow tannins and a moderate acidity. Slightly off-balanced.Flavors of cocoa and prune. Good length. 14% ABV.

3.5 stars

A good Rioja Reserva but nothing out of the ordinary. Bought in Spain for about €13.


2011 Winzerhof Allacher – Zweigelt -11°C Eiswein – Burgenland

2011 Winzerhof Allacher Zweigelt Eiswein BurgenlandVarietal Zweigelt sourced from grapes harvest at an outside temperature of -11°C; 0.375 liters bottle; aged in stainless steel tanks.
This Eiswein from Burgenland, Austria, has an amazingly intense and complex nose with lots of layers. Aromas of cherries, tobacco leaves and caramelised red fruit are first noted, followed by raspberry jam and ripe bananas. On the palate, fruit-driven with a subtle sweetness which is kept in balance by the acidity. It is as complex in the mouth as it is on the nose. Full-bodied with notes of strawberries and lots of honey. Smooth tannins and lingering aftertaste. This is a perfect Eiswein from red grapes.

Wow describes this Eiswein best. It retails in Munich for €20.4.5 stars

2012 Château Gasqui – Rosé – Côtes de Provence AOP

Blend of Syrah, Cinsault, Grenache & Tibouren; aged in stainless steel tanks. Aromas of raspberries, caramel, blueberries and cherries on the nose. In the mouth, the wine seemed tired and lacked energy. Dry with a rather low acidity and notes of ripe red and black fruit. A bit heavy to drink. Good length. Not my cup of rosé.

3 starsThis rosé retails for about €18 in Munich. Way too much in my opinion.

2011 Chateau Barreyres – Cru Bourgeois – Haut-Metdoc AOC

50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 50% Merlot; aged in French oak. This is a good-value wine from Bordeaux. Vanilla aromas and a mix of blueberries, blackberries and cherries are most notable on the nose. In the mouth, dry with mellow tannins and a moderate acidity. Notes of ripe fruit, berries jam and a dominant touch of dark chocolate. Long-lasting finish.

3.5 starsWas positively surprised by this Haut-Metdoc wine. It’s available in Munich for €17.

2014 La Riojana – Solombra Torrontés – Argentina

100% Torrontés; aged in stainless steel tanks. Highly aromatic nose with tropical fruit, lemons and a little apricot. On the palate, mineral with a strong, off-balanced acidity. Looked promising on the nose but tasted a bit dull.  Slightly alcoholic touch. The finish was of medium length. Overall, just not really exciting.

2.5 stars

La Riojana Solombra Torrontes retails in Munich for €12

2008 Land’s End- Elim Rosé – Cape Agulhas (SA)

2008 Land's End RoséBlend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot; aged in stainless steel tanks. Thick, heavy nose with lots of herbal aromas which dominated the fruit, mostly berries. In the mouth, very full-bodied, with notes of blueberries and bitter herbs.. Medium finish. 14% ABV

3 stars

Has an average retail price of €8 on Wine Searcher. Should probably have been consumed a few years ago but we thought lets open it anyways when we found it.

Parting Words

There you have it, one post, 17 tasting notes. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights and disappointments.

Son Roig and the Zweigelt Eiswein both stood out in their own way and impressed me most but since I knew already that the Allacher’s Zweigelt Eiswein was going to be a great wine, I was most-positively surprised by Can Majoral’s Son Roig. Erbaluna’s Nebbiolo is on the other side of the spectrum. Their Langhe Nebbiolo was quite a disappointment, especially given that I enjoyed their single-vineyard Barolo, Vigna Rocche, a lot.

Best value goes to Allacher’s Zweigelt Eiswein. Why? Because for just €20 this wine is a must as many Eiswein of the same quality retail easily for twice as much. Furthermore, the large majority of Austrian and German Eiswein is sourced from white grape varieties like Riesling, Scheurebe and Grüner Veltliner. At least here in Germany, red Eiswein is much more difficult to come by.

Disclaimer: Any wine which was provided as sample by a winery or an importer complies with my sample policy. All views are my own.

Not sure how wines are rated on Vino in Love? Take a look at this page.

That’s all for today. Cheers!

8 comments on “Mini Reviews: June 2015”

  1. Espressito Reply

    I absolutly love the wines of Alvaro Palacio. Camins del Priorat is my choice for everyday drinking; L Ermita for special occasions 🙂

    • Julian Rossello Reply

      I never tasted L’Ermita before and it’s definitely out of my price range 😛 Hopefully I’ll be able to try it at wine fair someday. I red many good things about it.

  2. hannah-theis hannah-theis Reply

    I like your mini reviews Julian. Did you know that here in Canada we produce quite a bit of red icewine Cabernet varieties? Pilliterri Estates and Pelee Island Winery are two of the many producers I’d recommend you to try.

    • Julian Rossello Reply

      Thanks a lot! Actually, I was able to try the line-up of Pilietteri, including their ice wines, at ProWein in Düsseldorf. Very impressive. Never had Peele Island Winery before. Canadian wine is super hard to find here in Munich. It’s mostly only available through online shops which tend to be quite expensive. I remember that at ProWein a number of Canadian wineries were looking for importers into Germany but it seems to be difficult for them to find a foothold in Germany.

  3. i-am-a-thirsty-drinker Reply

    Never have I been disappointed by Bodegas Beronia. Their wines are of exceptional high quality. Sorry to see that you do not like them so much.
    I never had Grenache from Sardinia (Cannonau) before but I heard that it grows very well there. Dule sounds most interesting but I just checked on and they don’t sell it. Oh well!

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