Provence Wines: Domaine Des Planes

In this post we’ll take a closer look at four of the wines from Provençal winery Domaine Des Planes which is based in Saint Raphael in the Var department. 

Provence is one the viticulture areas I have been exploring a bit more this summer, thanks to a few tastings and some samples I received from importers. The region is located in south-eastern France and offers next to a mild, Mediterranean climate also a breathtaking landscape. The region is best known for its rosé wines, although the quantity varies drastically between different producers.

The majority of Provençal rosé are sourced from Grenache and Syrah which have replaced most of the local autochthonous varieties like Tibouren, a very dark-skinned, intensely aromatic grape variety which produces highly interesting wines but it has a much lower yields than for instance Grenache. Young, quaffable reds as well as full-bodied wines are made from a similar set of grapes, especially varietal Syrah produces very good results. White Provençal wine seem to be lesser known than its pink counterparts. Rolle, a synonym for Sardinia’s signature grape variety Vermentino, but also Semillon among others are grape in Provence.

Map of Provence. Image by Bourrichon. License: CC BY-SA 3.0

Map of Provence. Image by Bourrichon. License: CC BY-SA 3.0

Domaine Des Planes

Domaines Des Planes is located in the small costal town of Saint Raphael, about 40km southwest of Cannes, which sits on the sunny French Riviera. The winery was founded more than 30 years ago and owns about 30 hectares of vineyards in which they mostly grow grapes which are typical for the region like Syrah, Cinsault and Rolle. They produce fourteen different wines, including two classic method sparkling wines. Below are my tasting notes for four of them.

2014 Domaine Des Planes – Cuvée Blanc de Blancs – Côtes de Provence AOC

2014 Domaine Des Planes Cuvée Blanc de BlancsCuvée Blanc de Blancs is a blend of three grape varieties: Semillon, Rolle and Clairette. Fermentation and aging takes place in stainless steel tanks. Highly aromatic and complex nose with lots of layers of aromas. It starts with quince, overripe bananas and hints of grass. There are a ton of ripe fruit aromas but also camomile, hints of almonds and even a touch of quince.

On the palate, dry with very little acidity. This is an unusual and to some extend complicated white wine which is not for everyone. Flavors of ripe bananas recall the nose and there are also some herbs which become especially present on the long-lasting aftertaste. The wine remains harmonious and comes with an ABV of 13%.

4.5 starsRetails in Munich for €16.90. Find it on Wine Searcher.

2014 Domaine Des Planes – Flamant Rosé – Côtes de Provence AOC

2014 Domaine Des Planes Flamant RoséFlamant Rosé is one of the many rosé wines that Domaines Des Planes produces. This one is sourced from Grenache and Cinsault. Vinification is done in stainless steel. The nose is of medium intensity and is quite straight forward with a aromas of raspberries and other forrest fruit.

It is vivid and remains fruit-driven in the mouth. The wine has a slight alcoholic touch. Light-bodied with only little acidity. There are mostly flavors of berries. Medium length.

3.5 starsFlamant Rosé sells in Munich for about €10. Find it on Wine Searcher.

2014 Domaine Des Planes – Cuvée Tiboulen – Côtes de Provence AOC

2014 Domaine Des Planes Cuvée TiboulenCuvée Tiboulen is the winery’s flagship rosé and is made with 100% Tibouren. The wine is vinified in steel. It has an aromatic, yet uncommon nose: Viola, roses, earth and blueberries and even some fresh-cut herbs.

Juicy and slightly mineral with flavors of  rhubarb, strawberries and herbs. Cuvée Tiboulen is dry, medium-bodied and comes with a great complexity. It is an intense rosé which has lingering aftertaste. 13% ABV.

Retails for4 stars a little under €15 in Munich. Find it on Wine Searcher.

2012 Domaine Des Planes – Le Sanglier – Côtes de Provence AOC

2012 Domaine Des Planes Le SanglierLe Sanglier is a red wine which is the result of blending Syrah with Grenache. I suggest to serve this wine chilled when it is hot outside. The nose is composed of ripe and berries, especially mulberry and blackberry.

This is an easy-to-drink kind of red which is quite fruity but lacks complexity. Medium bodied with a rather short finish but still an enjoyable summer red. 13% ABV.

3 starsLe Sanglier has a retail price of €10 in Munich. Find it on Wine Searcher.

Parting Words

All wines from Domaine Des Planes are certified organic. The wines can be purchased directly from Domaine Des Planes for what are, in my opinion, very fair prices.

I’m looking forward to trying more Provençal wines in the near future.

Disclaimer: I received these bottles as samples from a German importer. As always, all views are my own and I was under no obligation to write this article. For more information on my sample policy take a look at this page.


4 comments on “Provence Wines: Domaine Des Planes”

  1. Sean P. Reply

    I’m a admirer of Provence rose but never tried or even heared of Domaine de Planes. Miraval is a favorite.

    • Julian Rossello Reply

      There are so many wineries out there that it’s hard to know them all 🙂 I enjoyed these wines, especially the Cuvée Blanc de Blancs. Cheers!

  2. Andy Andy Reply

    That white wine could be exciting but a quick Google search found no store near me. C’est la Vie!

    • Julian Rossello Reply

      I’m so sorry to hear that. I was told that both the Cuvée Blanc de Blancs and the Cuvée Tiboulen both sell out quickly due to a more limited production compared to their others wines like Flamant Rose which is produced in greater quantity.

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