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Doppio Zeroo is a restaurant as well as a cocktail- & wine bar in the city of Rome. Located on the famous via Ostiense Doppio Zeroo is one of the few places in Rome where you get the Aperitivo Milanese (same type of Aperitivo that you find in Bologna). Aperitivo Milanese is a type of aperitif where buy an alcoholic drink (wine or cocktails) and get access to an all-you-can-eat buffet. A variety of pizza, (cold) pasta dishes, rice, salads, bruschetta & much more gets served on that buffet starting at 6pm and ending at 9pm.

After 9pm they start serving dinner. Since in Rome it’s not very common to eat dinner before 8:30 many people get aperitivo first and have dinner afterwards. Aperitivo offers enough food though to get a full stomach!
I’ve never been there for lunch or breakfast but they serve both according to their website.

In the last years I’ve visited Doppio Zeroo every time I’ve been to Rome and it counts to one of my favorites places to go out there. Since I’ve been to Rome at the end of Mai I thought I share this restaurant with you.

A very good selection of well-made cocktails and a superb selection of wines make Doppio Zeroo the perfect location to enjoy the night. Aperitivo costs under 9€ per drink (6 for nonalcoholic aperitivo). Dinner however is rather expensive. Since I enjoy aperitivo a lot I only go there for that.
I had dinner there once though a few years ago. Was very delicious.


Doppio Zero is a restaurant where the locals go. You won’t find many tourists there! One of the last Roman quarters which hasn’t been populated by tourists. The restaurant is usually booked out so you have to bring some time to wait as they don’t take reservations (unless they changed that since I’ve last visited). 15-20 minute waiting is the usual waiting time but it passes fast with a glass of wine.

Quick summary – Doppio Zeroo:

  • Via Ostiense 68, Rome
  • Aperitivo, dinner, lunch, breakfast
  • Wine bar & good cocktails
  • Breakfast starts at 7am
  • Wine bar closes at 2am

If you visit Rome make sure to stop by Doppio Zeroo. You can reach it with the Metro by going to the station Piramide. Then you can take the bus or walk 2 stops. Especially when it’s warm outside I’d recommend to take the short walk as the buses in Rome are often very crowded.

Have you been to Doppio Zeroo? Let me know about your experience or if you plan to go!

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