Restaurant Review – Osteria del Vino e della Birra

Osteria del Vino e della Birra is one of my favorite places to get wine from. It’s on the 2nd floor in the Ambasciatori complex which is located in Via degli Orefici 19, Bologna. Owned and operated by Eataly, Osteria del Vino e della Birra is just one of three restaurants within Ambasciatori.  They are open Monday to Saturday from 8:00am to midnight and on Sunday from 10:00am to midnight.

Photo by .Italo Treno – NTV S.p.A.

While they do serve food most people go there to have a good bottle of wine at affordable prices. Every bottle gets sold at its original shelf price which I find to be incredibly rare. (at least in Bologna; not sure about other cities). They only serve Italian wine. The variety of wines offered is not affected by that. Everything from a simple 10€ Bottle to expensive Amarone and Brunello di Montalcino. Each of Italy’s 20 regions is covered. For Italian wine Osteria del Vino e della Birra is the place to go to.

A decent proportion of their wines are organic.

Drinking wine by glass is not a good idea at Osteria del Vino e della Birra since you don’t get the huge shelf-price discount when ordering a wine by glass. Always take the bottle! If you don’t finish it you can take it home!

If you know Italian then you can conclude from the restaurant’s name that they also serve beer (the Italian word birra translates to beer). At first glance this might sound not worth mentioning but at they offer over 50 different brands & styles of beer from all around the world. Beer from Germany, Ireland, England, Italy and Spain to just name a few countries. As much as I enjoy wine, sometimes a glass of (Bavarian!) beer is just as good.

Culinary-wise they offer Mediterranean cuisine. Most dishes are rather simple (salads, cheese & salumi, soups) probably since Eatlay’s restaurant on the first floor of Ambasciatori serves much more dishes (at much higher prices; even the same wine might cost you 15-20€ more down there since they don’t sell them at shelf-prices there).

About Eataly

Eataly first opend in Turin in 2007. Since then Eataly has opend 7 other restaurants / food market malls in Italy with another one opening in Rome during the course of this year.

A New York City Eataly opened in August 2010. Eataly also expanded to Tokyo Japan. Should you not be from Bologna you can probably get the same quality products served in any of their locations.

My recommendation:

If you want to go out to enjoy good wine then Osteria del Vino e della Birra is the right place but if you are looking for a dinner where the main focus lies on the food and not on wine (and beer) then better look for another restaurant. Their prices for wine are more than reasonable. I remember their salumi & cheese plate being rather expensive as you had to pay extra for many small things (honey, jam to just name a couple). Nevertheless I will return to Osteria del Vino e della Birra and can recommend it to you!

Have you been to Osteria del Vino e della Birra before or to any of Eataly’s Restaurants?

7 comments on “Restaurant Review – Osteria del Vino e della Birra”

  1. the winegetter Reply

    I’ve never come across a wineseller that lets you consume a bottle sold there at the shelf-price. That is awesome! Looks like a good place.

    • delpiero1234 Reply

      That’s why I love this place so much! Enjoying wine at a restaurant has never been cheaper for me than at the Osteria del Vino. Let’s hope more winseller get inspired by this great service.

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