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Vino in Love 2.0

wordpress 3.5 logoTwo months after Vino in Love moved from to a self-hosted site I decided to change a few things here and there and the new version of wordpress (3.5) offered me the right opotrunity for these changes. Next to the above listed changes you will probably have noticed that Vino in Love now uses a different layout. The old one had too many restrictions.

Please let me know how you like the new design! Simply use the comment section to give me some feedback on it. What would you want me to add/change/improve?

Main Changes:

  • Better commenting system (the old one was confusing because it showed the wrong comment time and sometimes mixed up avatars).
  • Front page overhaul. Most notable feature is a new slider which shows the latest posts.
  • Better RSS feed for people who don’t want to follow via e-mail.
  • Blogs on the blogroll now have a short description. Now you won’t land on a site that doesn’t interest you!
  • New Twitter feed.
  • Enhanced navigation.
  • Less and better placed ads
  • Virtual snow until the beginning of January!

There have been a few other minor changes next to the ones listed above I hope you enjoy the Vino in Love experience now even more than you did before!

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2 comments on “Site update”

  1. drinkforlife Reply

    Comments look nicer indeed =)
    I saw that there are a few formating issues on some of the old posts though?

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