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Wine Review: 2011 Ettore Germano – Vigna della Madre – Barbera d’Alba Superiore

As some of you have probably noticed, I took a creative break. I needed some time to think about Vino in Love, blogging and what I want to do. Even though I took a few smaller breaks since I launched Vino in Love in May of 2012, I had felt the need to take a longer time out. I started the blog to keep track of my tasting notes. This is why I want to make wine reviews the main focus of Vino in Love again. It’s also what I enjoy writing the most.

It will probably take me a little to get a regular blogging routine again but I plan to blog at least once per week (with no foreseeable breaks in the near future). I also updated the theme to WordPress’s Twenty Fifteen theme, which seems to emphasize the content of the blog more than the old theme did but I haven’t really decided yet if I will keep this one or not.

Let us now change the subject and let’s talk about wine. After all this is a wine blog, in case you forgot in my absence. Today’s wine comes from Alba, Piedmont.

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