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Wine Guide: Trentino-Alto Adige 8

Trentino-Alto Adige consists of the two autonomous regions Trentino and South Tyrol (Alto Adige in Italian, Südtirol in German). It’s the only Italian region where German is next to Italian the official language. The capital of the region is Trento. Trentino-Alto Adige is located in north-east Italy. Wine making has long history in Trentino-Alto Adige. […]

South Tyrol Wine Hills

Umbria Map

Wine Guide: Umbria 6

Umbria – The landlocked region Umbria is a relatively small region in Central Italy which is split just into two provinces (Terni and Perugia). Its capital city is Perugia. Agriculture plays a massive part in the Umbrian economy – mostly olive oil, tobacco and wine.A total of 12 DOC and 2 DOCG wines come from […]

Wine Guide: Emilia-Romagna 4

Introduction The Emilia-Romagna is a region in North-Western Italy consisting of the former regions Emilia and Romagna. Capital city is Bologna. The region is according to Eurostat the third richest region of Italy and one of the richest and most-developed European regions. The name Emilia derives from the ancient Romans who built the famous road […]

Emilia-Romagna map

Gambero Rosso 2013 Logo

Gambero Rosso 3 Glasses 2013 Winners 9

The new Gambero Rosso 2013 has arrived! Below you find a complete list of the wines which won the prestigious Gambero Rosso 2013 “tre bicchieri” award. The Gambero Rosso is Italy’s most well-known wine guide. The book which includes the 2 and 1 glass winners as well can be ordered online. It’s not published yet […]

Wine Guide: Marche 5

Marche is an Italian region in Central Italy. It’s capital city is Ancona.Unlike many other regions the amount of red and white wine is almost equal. Wine-wise Marche is mostly known for their Verdicchio di Matelica DOC wines. The region which in Italian is known as “Le Marche” has five DOCG areas. Furthermore there are […]

Marche region map

Welcome to Vino in Love 2

Welcome! Vino in Love is a wine community and also a wine blog that focuses mostly on Italian wine.  From time to time there will be reviews of wines from different countries. To get you started I recommend that you Login using one of the many available options (WordPress.com accounts, Google ID, Yahoo ID, many […]

Wine Guide: Abruzzo 6

The Southern-Western Italian region Abruzzo covers the Apennines mountains while still bordering the Mediterranean See. Its geographic region has a huge impact on the local climate which greatly effects the wine Abruzzo wine production. Abruzzo is a large grape producer but a large portion of the produced wine gets shipped to France and Northern Italy. Often […]

Abruzzo Map