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2005 Bodegsa Valdemar – Conde de Valdemar Reserva – Rioja DOC 7

Bodegas Valdemar is a Spanish winery from Oyon which is a town in the Rioja wine-region. Bodegas Valdemar actually consists of  four small wineries which together produces a total of 22 wines. I actually wanted to open this bottle at Tempranillo-day but unfortunately I couldn’t. Therefore I decided to open the wine at a dinner. […]

2005 Bodegas Valdemar - Conde de Valdemar-Reserva - Rioja DOC

Wine Quiz #6 19

New week, new quiz Welcome back to this week’s wine quiz. If you have missed any of the previous ones and/or their solutions then you find them here. Good luck to everyone! Question 1 What type of wine is Bardolino Superiore DOCG? A) Red wine B) White wine C) Pink wine (rosato) Question 2 What’s […]

Wine Guide: Umbria 6

Umbria – The landlocked region Umbria is a relatively small region in Central Italy which is split just into two provinces (Terni and Perugia). Its capital city is Perugia. Agriculture plays a massive part in the Umbrian economy – mostly olive oil, tobacco and wine.A total of 12 DOC and 2 DOCG wines come from […]

Umbria Map

Wine Quiz #5 11

  New week – new quiz This weeks quiz is a bit different because some questions may have more than one correct answer. Enjoy the quiz and remember you have nothing to lose! Question 1 From what region comes the famous Prosecco di Valdobbiadene? A) Lombardy B) Veneto C) Trentino-Alto Adige (Trentino-South Tyrol) D) Friuli-Venezia […]

Wine Guide: Tuscany 4

Tuscany – The heart of Italian wine Tuscany (Italian: Toscana) is an Italian region in Central Italy. Capital city is Florence. Throughout history Tuscany was an important center of commerce and culture – especially in the Renaissance. Lots of vineyards form the Tuscan landscape which really is magnificent. It’s well worth traveling to Tuscany. If […]

San Quirico Village from South by letorrivacation (at flickr.com)

Emilia-Romagna map

Wine Guide: Emilia-Romagna 4

Introduction The Emilia-Romagna is a region in North-Western Italy consisting of the former regions Emilia and Romagna. Capital city is Bologna. The region is according to Eurostat the third richest region of Italy and one of the richest and most-developed European regions. The name Emilia derives from the ancient Romans who built the famous road […]

San Marino: Wine and travel guide 13

Where and what is San Marino? It wasabout time that I finally publish this article. There have been too many things going on in the last weeks so I was not able to finish it faster. The Republic of San Marino is an independent country, which is completely surrounded by Italy. The city-state borders Emilia-Romagna […]