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High Expectations: 2006 Guerrieri Gonzaga – San Leonardo

San Leonardo is a red wine from the Trentino-Alto Adige region in Italy which has been recommended to me by friends and fellow wine lovers alike. Some praised it as one of the best Italian reds. Others described it to me as mind-blowing. So my expectations were obviously quite high. Were they met? Below are my thoughts on San Leonardo, vintage 2006.

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Why Sweet Wine Isn’t As Bad As You Think

Today’s post is about sweet wine, in particular why it is not as bad as its reputation is. I live in Germany and in this country there is a general prejudice against sweet wines. It is not uncommon that wine drinkers who prefer sweet wines are not taken seriously by fellow wine lovers. While all sweet wines have a tough time in Germany, red sweet wines have a particular bad reputation.

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