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Today I want to talk about VinItaly. According to its organizers, VinItaly is the world’s very first wine fair. It was held first in 1977. Ever since the fair has been held in the world-heritage city Verona, Italy. Over the years, Vinitaly grew immensely and it is today the world’s largest wine fair. This year, VinItaly will take place from April 7th to April 10th 2013.

No matter where you live, if you are a wine-fan then VinItaly is an event you should not miss out. In 2012, over 140.000 visitors came to VinItaly. Almost 50.000 of them came from abroad. It is said that in the four days of VinItaly it is  impossible to to visit the majority of exhibitors. You wonder why? In last year’s edition of VinItaly there were 4255 exhibitors on a total occupied net area of 94.862 m2.

VinItaly is dedicated to Italian wine. If you are looking for wine from other countries then you might get disappointed. The concept is simply: The 20 Italian regions get divided into 17 halls, which means that only small wine-producing regions have to share a hall with one-another.


VinItaly 2012 map

More information about VinItaly

VinItaly is not a trade fair. Exhibitors are not allowed to sell products to visitors and there are strict controls. This has many advantages: First of all, exhibitors do not pressure you to buy a bottle after your tried their wine. Exhibitors offer you to taste their best wines. For example, last year at the stand of Trabucchi d’Illasi I tried several vintages of their award winning Amarone della Valpolicella. This also has a disadvantages. Especially, if you liked a wine and want to take a bottle home then you might anger yourself that you cannot. Exhibitors may however gift you a bottle, which you then can take home.

Tips for VinItaly 2013:

  • Plan ahead. Hotels are super expensive in Verona and all surrounding cities during that time. Try to book as early as you can. If you want to save money then chose a city that is a little over an hour away from Verona and take the train from there to Verona. The fair has its own train station.
  • VinItaly is very, very, crowded. Try not to take your car directly to the fair. Instead use the public transit. If you don’t then uou might as well be waiting several hours before you get a parking lot.
  • If you plan to buy your ticket at the fair then go there early. Expect long waiting lines. Plan ahead and buy your tickets in advance
  • Get a map of the area. Otherwise you will get lost. It is hard to describe how large VinItaly is. So I won’t even try.
  • If you are looking for a certain producer then all you need to know is the region. Follow the map the the region’s hall. Once you enter a hall there is a huge map showing the exact location of all exhibitors of that hall

Tickets for VinItaly

It should be noted that VinItaly is not open to the general public on any of the four days. If you want to enter VinItaly then you need to be in one of the following groups: Large-Scale Distribution, wholesalers, import-export, food retailers, bars, restaurants, hotels, catering, wine stores, wine bars, sommeliers, wine technicians, wine technology producers, producers of olive oil and wine, the trade press, authorities, and institutions.

A daily ticket costs 50€ at the fair and 45€ if you purchase it online. If you stay for more than one day then buy repeat four-day entry ticket. It costs 90€ at the fair and 80€ if you buy it online. The ticket is valid for all four days of the fair. Even if you stay just two days the repeat entry ticket is cheaper. For more information visit the VinItaly website.

I am going to VinItaly and will probably be there the first three days. Excitement is already sky high! See you at VinItaly!

11 comments on “VinItaly in Verona – The world’s biggest wine fair”

  1. drinkforlife Reply

    Thanks for the reminder, Julian! I will check with my wife if we can make it there or not. It would be the perfect occasion for a small Italy trip or something. I have to see! Now you made me excited, too.

    • vino in love Reply

      Thank you for commenting! If you decide to go then let me know. Maybe we can meet up or something. Verona and the surrounding towns are always worth a visit, especially if you have never been there.
      The Valpolicella hills are just outside of Verona and there are roads that will take you through all the hills. Really stunning. If you go to VinItaly and have an extra day then consider driving along the Strada del Vino Valpolicella. For more information visit

      • drinkforlife Reply

        I will take a look at this valpolicella road. And I’ll let you know whether we go or not

  2. winetalks winetalks Reply

    It is the world largest wine fair? I didn’t know that. Quite strange since the fair is only for Italian wine, isn’t it? Well what a pity that I’m in the States and can’t go 🙁 So sad to miss out on all the sparklers. I’m sure a lot of Franciacorta wines will be offered there

    • vino in love Reply

      Thanks for commenting. Multiple sources claim that VinItaly is the largest wine fair. If you know something that I don’t know then let me know.
      You are right about Franciacorta. There will be quite a lot of Franciacorta producers at VinItaly.

  3. hannah-theis hannah-theis Reply

    What a sophisticated slogan. I really like it : -)
    Been to Northern Italy only once and also visited Verona. Beautiful city. But sooo crowded.
    Enjoy the fair!

    • vino in love Reply

      Verona is quite nice, a bit small but that might be its beauty. I always enjoy my travels to Verona. If you go to Verona when there is no VinItaly, make sure to visit the Loacker store for a good glass of wine.

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