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Vino in Love is a wine community and also a wine blog that focuses mostly on Italian wine.  From time to time there will be reviews of wines from different countries.

To get you started I recommend that you

  • Login using one of the many available options (WordPress.com accounts, Google ID, Yahoo ID, many more)
  • Subscribe to the blog by clicking “follow” in the lower right corner
  • Follow us on our brand new twitter account.

After logging in you can comment on blog posts and you can use the forums.

Of course you can browse the blog without logging in or subscribing to it! A handy list of information about Italian wine can be found here.

Give feedback

If would appreciate it if you can give feedback about the new site. Tell me if you like it or not. Is there anything in particular that needs to get changed? Head over to the forums and let me know! If you have questions you might want to go to the FAQ.

Have a nice stay on Vino in Love!

2 comments on “Welcome to Vino in Love”

  1. drinkforlife Reply

    New fonts? Sweet! Got tired of that old same font all the time!!
    So far looks nice

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