Wine Quiz #1 – Solutions

Below you find the solutions to all the question of quiz #1.

Question 1:
Sangiovese is not used to produce:
B) Amarone DOCG
Corvina, Corvione, Rondinella & Mollinara are the grapes allowed out of which one can produce Amarone della Valpolicella

Question 2:
All of the above wines but one are from Tuscany. Which one is not and from what region is it?
Amarone is not from Tuscany. It’s from the Veneto.

Question 3:
Only one region produces more DOCG wines than Tuscany. Name it
C) Piedmont

Bonus question: How many DOCG wines does that region produce? Name them
16 DOCGS wines are produced in Piedmont. All names of the 16 DOCG wines can be found here.

the drunken cyclist got quiz #1 right! congratulations!

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