Wine Quiz #1

Inspired by some other bloggers out there I thought it’s time to have wine quizzes on this blog as well. I find them to be fun & educational at the same time. The quizzes will focus mostly but not exclusively on Italian wine.

Quiz #1 will focus on Tuscany

Question 1:
Sangiovese is not used to produce:
A) Chianti DOCG
B) Amarone DOCG
C) Vino Nobile DOCG
D) Morellino di Scansano DOCG

Question 2:
All of the above wines but one are from Tuscany. Which one is not and from what region is it?

Question 3:
Only one region produces more DOCG wines than Tuscany. Name it
A) Lombardy
B) Veneto
C) Piedmont
D) Sicily
Bonus question: How many DOCG wines does that region produce? Name them

I hope you enjoyed the quiz! Looking forward to your answers! The solution will be published on Wednesday.
Bottle image: 2007 Cavalierino – Vino Nobile di Montepulciano – Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG

7 comments on “Wine Quiz #1”

  1. vinovino9 Reply

    i’ll give it a shot:
    question #1 b
    question #2 veneto
    question #3 c (piedmont)
    bonus question: 9
    ghemme, barolo, barbaresco, gattinara, roero, asti, alba, gavi, barbera d’asti

    • vinibuoni Reply

      I don’t know what you mean with “how you count”. There is an official list of all DOCG wines from the Italian Secretary of Agriculture .
      Don’t count different DOCGs within the same DOCG. For example Moscato is a DOCG but there are 5 different Moscato DOCG all from Asti, Piedmont.
      I’ll tell you the exact answers tomorrow.

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